Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures! Tadpoles, frogs, tanks, and me!

Yay for pictures!

Here's a couple of my blushing mantella tadpoles. They're about 2 months old. Some have morphed out, some haven't. I raise them communally.

Here's a newly morphed froglet with my finger for size reference. They're tiny.

This is my female dendrobates luecomela. We just call them luecs.

Here's my male. These are on my fabulous new salensomething moss from Home Depot for $1.77, yay!

Here's their new tank. It's kinda a crappy pic but whatever. I know none of you really care all that much anyway. :) This is all mostly just for the people who come from amphibianforum.

If you look closely you'll notice the male in the corner, and the female hiding under a brom.

And now, one that you might care about, me! Yay!! Kindly ignore how not flattering this pic is for me, and focus on how nice and shiny my hair looks!

Yay!! Ok, so that's it for the moment. Now I need to study. CPK called me while I was taking the frog pics wondering where I was. Apparently, although Monica left a note saying that I'd called and said I wouldn't be there, no one actually read it, so they thought I'd just failed to show up. Grrs. Then he was like "Well, you missed a 30 min study session and one free answer, so I guess that was your choice." Um.. whatever. I gave up a 30 min study session for a 5 hour one, and with 5 hours I wont need a free answer. Besides, they said several times that we can take the final whenever we want to. And I called! 12 hours in advance! And she said that was totally fine!! In fact, she sounded like she couldn't care less!!

I'm gonna be so happy when I'm finally serving tables.

Disappointment, Technicolor phlegm, and a refreshing lack of temer tantrums

Alright so I keep getting people coming to my blog to look at my tadpole pictures, only to be very disappointed (I'm sure) by the lack of clear tadpole pictures. So I posted a little disclaimer on that post telling them to look at my newer posts and to go to and So hopefully now when they come visit my blog they wont leave so annoyed.


I think I'm getting better. The phlegm that I coughed up today wasn't nearly as dark green as it was yesterday, that's a good sign, right?

Yesterday was Aiden's birthday party. I can't believe he's already 3 years old!!! Crazy. It was a perfectly nice party though. Aiden was actually remarkably well behaved. He threw a few mini fits, but never full out screaming toddler, so that was good. And Ian made some very good pineapple trip tip shish kabobs. Mom kept trying to put me in charge of the camera, but I was having none of that. I had changed into one of her dresses because it was hot, but I'm not used to wearing such a lightweight, short dress so I didn't really like moving around too much.

Umm.... yes. I was supposed to take my final this morning, but I called and asked if I could take it tonight instead. By the time I got home I was just exhasted, and them I remembered that I had a take home quiz that I had to do too. So by 9:30, when I'm halfway done with the take home, and hadn't even started studying, and was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, I called CPK. They didn't really care. So that's good. I've been sorta studying on and off today. I swear my body is totally trained to be up at 8 now. blech.

So once all my frogs wake up (their lights should be turning on now) I'm gonna take some pics of the new tank and frogletts and all that.

:) Good times!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is just annoying.

I keep waking up early. Granted, during the week it was because I had to be at work at 8, but it's the weekend! I got up early yesterday (at like 9:30) and today I couldn't last longer than 8. grrs. It's just too hard to sleep and be comfy when I can't breathe. So I get up and take a shower that I mostly just use an excuse to clear my throat and nose and all that. It's really gross, but meh. It makes me feel better. But now it's not even 9 and I'm bored. I do need to go to Target.... Breakfast first though. Yup.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super exciting!!

Today has been a very exciting day. All kinds of super amazing things happened.

1. I was watching The Office on Netflix and I was watching season 3, which I normally don't watch on there cuz I have it on Matthew's computer and it's just easier that way, but for some reason I was and oh my goodness!!! One of the episodes was SEVEN MINUTES longer!!! It was all stuff I hadn't seen before!!! It was like a little mini new episode!! Amazing!!

2. I got my first paycheck in over 4 months! Woo! :) It's only $42.25, but still.

3. Sasha is a hero!! I couldn't find my phone. I was tearing the apartment apart trying to find it, but couldn't! I was kinda freaking out, thinking maybe I left it in the social security building, but then!!! I was looking at my frogs!! And Sasha was sitting on the step stool next to me! And I asked her where it was and she meowed! It was sitting right next to her! Yay!!

4. Umm.... Something else I thought...

I can't remember. So yeah. I went to get a new social security card yesterday. It was totally easy. It took like 20 minutes, I didn't need my birth certificate or anything. I'd filled out the paperwork before I went, so that was good. The guy I talked to was super nice and friendly and we were joking with each other and stuff. It didn't cost anything. It was awesome, I wish the DMV was that easy.

Let's see.. what else... Oh!! I remember!!

4. (again, for real this time) I finished training at CPK! Today was my last shadow shift. I have a final that I have to take on Monday, but then I'm all set and ready to start taking my own tables and (most importantly) getting tips! Yippie!!

This message brought to you by Christians United for Music.

(Matthew and John Paul were trying to think of the most inappropriate Christian band name ever. And if you don't get why that name is inappropriate... well, that's ok.)

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm kinda dumb sometimes

So it's not quite 7, and I'm all dressed and ready to go to work. Which is at 8. An hour away. See, I woke up, looked at the clock, and saw that the alarm was about to go off, so I got up, and got ready and all that good stuff. I left at like 7:45 (I thought) and got into my car, only to see that my car said it's 6:45. Uh.... wait a minute.... So I drive around and park on Taylor and look, and yup, my clock says 7:45, but all other clocks say 6:45. Both me and Matthew are denying doing it, and I swear a saw a little faerie or something in the bathroom (seriously!! It dashed behind the toilet to hide when I went in there, I was half asleep at the time (apparently it was only 6:15 after all) but I saw it!) so I'm blaming the faerie. Or sprite or whatever.

So... I guess I should be studying the menus that I'm going to be tested on this morning. hmm.

Yesterday Mom and Theresa took me to see Sex and the City. That was fun, but the dayquil wore off halfway through and my throat started hurting again. And after a long day of working in a hot restaurant I was kinda stinky (sorry Mom!). It was fun though.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. I mean, what is there to even blog about this early in the morning?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I feel a bit better today. So far I've only taken one nap! And it was only like an hour long!

My neck is killing me though. I think I slept on it wrong at some point during the day yesterday.

I went by SJVC today. They need me to bring my social security card, which I don't have. I offered to bring my birth certificate and she said no, I really need the ssc. I don't quite get why, and I think she might be wrong about that, but I do need a new card, so I figured I'll go get one. Does anyone know what I need to bring in with me? I'm sure they're not just going to take my word for it. And what does it cost? I bet they require cash... hmm... I think I should look up this information.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I have to go back to work in a couple hours.

Oh, I forgot. Why do people insist on trying to be doctors? I mean, I get that they're trying to help, but it's just annoying!!! One girl at work was insisting that I'm not sick, it's just allergies. The chick at SJVC was trying to tell me that I just need to take airborn vitamins. Ok, people, here's the thing. I know when I have allergies and I know when I'm sick. You probably don't, especially if all I've said is "I'm sick, but it's ok, it's just a cold," and I take vitamins. They're good for me, I think, but they don't make the cold go away. Dayquil works wonders though. grrs

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It hurts!!

I am having a bad day. I guess it's a good thing that it's my day off.

Last night I got a really bad sore throat, which I didn't pay much attention to. I'd been working all day (training in the morning, shadowing at night) and didn't drink as much as I should have, so I figured I was just dehydrated. I took some nyquil and went to bed. And woke up when Matthew got up with a REALLY bad sore throat. ugh. I've gotten up a couple times, but I keep going back to bed cuz I'm just so tired. And my head is killing me. My glands are a little sore, and I don't think I have a fever (at least, not a high one) so I'm sure I only have a cold, not strep or anything, but still. I hate being sick!!!!

Hopefully Matthew will be home soon.

Oh, I started my period today too, of course, so that's certainly not helping matters.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Perfect water, a nice tan, and lots of appetizers

Yay, I did actually have work today! See, on Friday I called to find out if I was supposed to come in for training, and they said that I had orientation on Sunday. I told them that I'd already done orientation, but the gm wasn't there to double check, so they said they'd call me on Sat. I called them on Sat and they told me that the gm wasn't there, but that they'd get a hold of him and call me back. So finally they call me, and tell me that yup, I need to come to orientation on Sunday. I'm like, ok, but if I go in and you tell me that I don't need to be there then I'm gonna be pisses! I don't mind missing a day at the beach to work, but I do mind missing it for nothing.

So basically, I did start actual training today, which was good. We have to shadow someone every shift, which is kinda annoying, but whatever. It really does help. I shadowed the host for a bit too, and was happy to see that she talked to the servers a lot to make sure that everyone is all on the same page.


So yesterday was fun! I drove down to Port however you spell that, we'll just say Ventura for Marc's birthday. We went down to the beach and walked around for an hour or so, and it was just sooooo perfect that we had to go back to Muna's to get bathing suit's so we could swim. Then Marc and Sonrisa joined us and we went back and it was grand fun. I haven't been swimming in the ocean in ages.

ugh, I'm so tired.

Anyway. So yeah, we get back from the beach and hang out at the house (funny side story, I met Dani's boyfriend when I had just gotten out of the shower and my pants were in the dryer still (they had gotten all wet and dirty at the beach) so I just had my shirt and a towel wrapped around my waist, gotta love meeting people when you're half naked) and had dinner and it was all awesome. Marc and Sonrisa brought some really yummy red wine that I was sad I couldn't enjoy more since I had to drive back to Bakersfield.


I'm kinda sunburnt, but not bad. The kind where I know it'll be a nice tan.

Oh, another random side story- people at work kept commenting on how soft my hands are. It was weird.

Yup. I didn't sleep at all last night. I don't know why, I just didn't feel tired. It was annoying.

I think I'm gonna go take a nap.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Britney Spears! YouTube! My Chemical Romance!

Ha! We'll see if that gets me some more entries!

Oh, wait, it usually shows the first few things that are written when you look up stuff... Maybe I should change the first paragraph to be about something interesting....

Naw, I'm too lazy.

So! I want to go to Marc's party this weekend, but I don't know if I'll be able to. I might have to go to training at work. Of course, I might be told that I have training and then have it canceled at the last minute when it's too late to go down there. Which would be really annoying. They should call tonight. If they don't, then I can assume that I'm not working on Sat, but I might still have to on Sunday. What I'm hoping is that I will start training tomorrow, but then have Sunday off, so I can go after work and then hang out and spend the night and all that. And you know, still get to actually go to work.

Matthew says I need to start looking for a new job.

Not that any of you care, but I'm now Level 2! Woo! And my main guy is averaging over 4 goals a game! Yay! Too bad Abby doesn't have a blog, because she would be excited for me.

Look! It's my tattoo! At Tahoe!

My leg looks bent. hmm.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

deadly gas is leaking into our apartment!!!

Ok, well maybe not deadly, but still! There's a gas leak somewhere, which we knew about because we were being charged for "heat" even though we never turned on the heater, but now when the AC starts it blows out some gas and smells pretty strong and makes our eyes water. ugh. We had them look at it awhile ago, but they just insisted that nothing was broken.

We need to move.

So I built a new tank today for my darts. Their old tank leaks. They're still in their old tank, but I'll move them tomorrow when my Petsmart buddy comes by to get the broms in it. :) I just feel so bad throwing away plants that are still alive. It's like I'm saying that their life doesn't mean anything!! Which, ok, in dollars, yeah, not so much. But still!

I'm weird, I know.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Altador Cup, Go Krawk Island!!

ATTENTION ALTADOR CUP PLAYERS!!- If you're looking for a rank calculator, you wont find one here, but check out this one-

Does anyone else find it weird that someone from Cracow searched for "Yup I'm here"? That just seems really random. Maybe they were looking for a particular blog (it pulled up mostly blog entries)?


So I've been busy playing the Altador Cup on neopets. I'm supporting Krawk Island because I like their logo the best. I'm happy cuz I finally moved up from "beginner" into "Rank 1" and got the avatar. While I don't like playing Yooyuball all that much, I really want the prize points and the trophy that you get at the end, so I'm trying to make myself.

That and I cleaned the kitchen today.

And took out the trash (twice! Once from the kitchen, once some recycleables), and checked the mail.

And then me and Matthew went to Sears to get some new shirts for work. He's lucky, they reimburse him, I have to pay for my own shirts. Mean CPK. >:/

Really I've just been doing anythign I can to get out of the apartment, while still working for points for the Cup. It's all very tricky.

And how does anythign not pop up as being misspelled? What the heck is an anythign?


I'm going to bed now.

Do you have any repeat dreams? I get those all the time, so I always know that I'm dreaming, know what's going to happen next, and can usually skip to the good part (which usually involves flying or swimming). It's fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day, big trees, and baptists

So I'm not at work right now. Obviously. Because if I was then I wouldn't be typing this. Of course, if I did go to work as originally scheduled, I'd be home by now so.... yeah.

The point is, I didn't have work today. The trainer had to cancel or something. So I might start training tomorrow. The manager promised that we'd start training this week.

We'd better.

Hmm.... Let's see...

So I had a really busy Father's Day. I drove up to Tehachapi to go to church and silly me, I got there at 10:50. It starts at 11. Supposedly. The only people there were Ian and Chris and they were just practicing for worship. So finally at 11:05 or so when a few other people have gotten there, Rachel and the kids arrive and she's like "Susie! Wanna get some coffee with me?" Sure! So we go get coffee, and come back, and sit down and wait a bit more, and then church finally starts. :) It was nice though. I like Gabe. It's kinda funny too, cuz everyone there knows everyone in my family, but they don't know me, so when I go grab Alex and start swinging him around I get a bunch of weird looks like "Who is this stranger grabbing random babies? Do we need to call the cops?" It's awesome.

So then I went over to Mom and Dad's and ate and that was fun. It was nice and warm out without being too terribly hot. Sitting with my body in the shade and my legs in the sun was perfect.

Sadly, I had to leave at 3. Of course, before I left I had to get my Father's Day present. Dad filled up my tank and greased my car doors so they wouldn't squeak anymore. Yay!! :)

I drove home and pulled into the parking lot and there's Matthew. He was all mad because I guess he didn't understand what I was saying when I called him before I left (and didn't bother to ask me to repeat it) and was annoyed that I got back at 4, when we were supposed to be at his sister's at 4.

Whatever. So we get in the car and leave, and then he stops by Osh. I mean, seriously? He's all annoyed at me for being late but we make a stop at the hardware store (he's trying to fix our facets, they need new washers but they're an old design so we can't find the right size)?


We get there at like 4:30, apparently just moments after everyone else got there. It was fun. We had yummy tri tip (even though I wasn't hungry cuz I'd eaten like an hour and a half before that) and canned beans, pasta roni, and a salad that was just lettuce, cucumbers, and croutons. All perfectly fine, but I liked the food at my parent's better. Well, mostly. I did really like the trip tip. But yeah. Then we played games, which I guess was a weird thing cuz his dad never plays games. We had him laughing so hard that he started crying though, which was grand fun. Then everyone else left, but Matthew was fixing Andrew's laptop so we stayed a little later. And then a little later than that. And then a little later than that. Jennifer was practically falling asleep and saying stuff like "Just fix it later or take it home or something!" and Matthew kept saying things like "I'm almost done! It'll just be another 5 mins!" We finally left at midnight. It was fun though. They had gone up to the sequoias on Sat and took some really great pictures. Jennifer is really photogenic. I think she thought I was just trying to be nice when I said that, but really! She is!

And so, that was my Father's Day. Pretty good considering how I'm a girl with no kids. :)

And I know, I've been bad at posting random pictures, so here ya go.

Bentley looks kinda weird in this pic. He actually had a very round face.

Monday, June 16, 2008

you all suck

Come on you guys! I'm bored! And none of you have written a new blog in ages! What am I supposed to be reading when there's nothing going on?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is murder still wrong even if they're REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING?

So our upstairs neighbors are having a party or something. I dunno. We hate them anyway because they're loud and obnoxious, but right now it's particularly bad. They're playing really loud music and our walls here suck. We can only barely hear the music, but the bass is unbearable. The problem is that the outside walls are nice and thick, so you can't hear it outside. Actually, I don't even know that it's the walls. I think it's the vents. I think the sound is traveling through the AC vents, so it's like there's no wall at all, just a hole covered up by a thin filter. Either way, it's annoying. So today we had to get out of the apartment. Unfortunately we had just eaten, so we couldn't even go out for dinner to kill some time. We called Lacey, and were going to call Rachel, but apparently they were both busy in Tehachapi, so yeah. Lacey said we could go to her house still (which was very nice, and appreciated), but we ended up going to Home Depot, which was awesome. I got some really nice plants for $1.77 and a new pump/mister thingie. And oh! The visions of fancy tanks!!! There were all these really pretty ceramic tiles and stuff and oh, the ideas! The visions!!! One of my tanks has a crack in it, so I need to move the frogs anyway, I might as well make the tank look good, right? Unfortunately, I don't have a couple hundred dollars to spend on this, so it's not something that's going to happen for a long time, but still. It's nice to dream. :)

What do you dream about? What do you get all excited about? What unrealistic things do you fantasize about? (did I mention the pond liners? I could build a HUGE walk in tank with a big waterfall and some palms and a dozen frogs....)

where'd it go?

So, I removed my froglet from the tadpole container and put it into the froglet container because it's tail was all gone and it can't swim, so everytime it got scared and jumped into the water it nearly drowned. I let it run around in there for a couple hours until I got enough courage to euthanize it, only now I can't find it! it's just dirt with some leaves covering the ground, but I think the frog dug into the dirt, so yeah. Now I'm afraid that it's going to die some bad way. It wont starve, at least, not for awhile, because there's TONS of food in there for it, so it wouldn't have to hunt, or even move,but it's gotta be seriously stressed out. :( Poor little guy.

So in happier news, I start training on Tuesday. Which is good. I'm anxious to be done with all that and working regularly. Although I still need a letter of recommendation for SJVC. Lacey-I thought you said you emailed me? If you did I never got it.

Anyway. That's about it for now. Matthew had yesterday off and worked today for some reason, which kinda sux cuz now he doesn't get two days off in a row.

yup. Any advice for finding a frog that's smaller than my fingernail in 50 gallons of soil?

Friday, June 13, 2008

SLS pictures. *cries*

Well, it's looking like I'm going to have to euthanize all my froglets. So far every one that has popped front legs has SLS.

Here's my first froglet, yay. It's abosrbed almost all its tail, which means that it should have two nice, strong front arms. Instead is has one skinny, useless one that it cant stand on. Once it absorbs its tail all the way it should be ready to start eating, but because it cant move around it wont be able to eat, so that's when I'll give it some benzocaine. :(

Here's one that still has a tail, but again, only one weak arm.

And yet another one. There are more, but I only took pics of these three.

So now you all know what SLS (spindly leg syndrome) is. I'm thinking my biggest problem that led to this was diet of the parents. Darts do very well on a diet that's all fruit flies, but mantellas really need more variety, and bigger prey. They do well on crickets and roaches. I was feeding them mostly ff's, with the occasional cricket. Oh well, it's all a learning experience I guess. And this was what I was assuming was going to happen, but I'm still disappointed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bloody iron!

I got bored today, so I went down to Houchin. It didn't exactly alleviate the boredom (they were pretty busy, so it all took longer than normal) but meh. I have a cool purple non sticky bandage thingie! woo! I think next time I'm going to go with green. :) I signed up for the marrow donor registry too, even though I'll probably never get called for it. Since it's inception only 1 of 200 people have been contacted for further testing, and that doesn't guarantee that I'd donate bone marrow. If I did get to though! That's be so fun! They'd fly me to wherever I need to go and pay for it all and yeah! Nifty! :)

So I'm O+. Not entirely surpising, seeing as how that's the most common type. Of course, that makes it one of the most needed, so yeah. I almost wasn't allowed to donate though, because my blood pressure was a little low (98/58 and 90/50 is the min) and I need more iron (I was 39, 38 is the min, and I dont have any idea what those numbers mean, but whatever). Actually, my heart rate was a little low too. I guess I was just really relaxed or something. :) I told the chick that it's cuz I didn't drink any coffee today.

So that's what I did today. Exciting stuff, I know! What'd you do today?


Alrighty, so now that I have a job I can focus more on getting into SJVC. I've got everything in my application done except that I'll need an interview with the program director, and I can only do that after I turn in a letter of recommendation. So!! I am asking all you people who I'm not related to to write me a letter! Yay!! You know, just say stuff like "Susannah's a great person and she'll do really well in your program." Anyway. If any of you are interested in writing me one, please let me know. The admissions adviser has been calling me every day. It's getting annoying. Save me from the annoying (although very sweet and well meaning and caring) lady!!

So, my question of the day!
Will you write me a letter of recommendation?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

woot! First day!

I had my very first day of work today! It was good. :) We watched some dumb movies, and signed a bunch of paperwork and tried some yummy food. And the gm complimented my nice crease in my shirt, lol. They did end up hiring Jesus, so that was cool. It's nice to already have a friend. He said that he needs to hire a couple more people still, but he's looking to start training on Sat. or Sun. and he should call within the next couple of days to let us know when. I'm really excited. So yay!! I have a job!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy, busy day!

Yay! For the first time in forever I was busy all day today! Granted, part of that was just cuz I'm an idiot, but whatever. It was nice to not sit on my ass all day, and it's even nicer to be able to enjoy it when I finally do get to sit down!

So my started with Abby calling me at about 11 to let me know that she'd be leaving Tehachapi soon so she can take me out for my birthday lunch. Very fun! We go to the new Flame & Skewers (who has had a NOW OPEN!!! sign out for at least a month) only to find out that it's not open yet. Fine. So instead I suggested Rubios, which was a good suggestion, as it was very yummy. Then we went to Cost Plus and wandered around there for awhile. Aiden liked the toy section (obviously) but was also really impressed with the mirrors, so that was fun. Then we went to Walmart so I could buy some shirts and socks for work, and some other Walmarty stuff that I needed. Then we went to Petco and I realized that I had forgotten to buy an iron and ironing stuff. D'oh!! So back to Walmart. (By the way, how does Google not know that Walmart is a word?) Anyway. So we come home and hang out here for a bit; Abby gave me some ironing pointers and Aiden terrorized that cats, and then they left. Oh! Somewhere in there CPK called to tell me that my orientation is tomorrow morning at 8! So exciting! So then I start looking for my passport. And then I look some more. And some more. And then I call Mom and Dad and tell them that I can't find my passport anywhere. I need it because I have to show proof of eligibility to work in the US and I don't have a social security card, so I needed to get my birth certificate from them.


By now it's like 6. Matthew finally comes home (I guess they were really busy, he normally gets off at 3) and says that it might be in his room. We had to make copies of it for some reason that I don't remember so we think it's in there somewhere. We looked, but didn't find it, so I drove up to Tehachapi to get my BC, and then back down here.

When I got home I tried to iron my shirts. That took an hour. :) It was my first time! Matthew helped a lot, and the second shirt did go way quicker than the first, but still. Pain in the ass! I have nice crisp shirts with a crease in the sleeve though, yay! Hopefully they're good enough, but if they're not they'll tell me tomorrow. I'm sure I wont get in trouble, but Matthew's paranoid that I'm going to walk in and they're gonna be like "No, no no. That crease is all wrong. You're fired." Although, if that's the case, do I really want to work there anyway? I mean, I need the job, but I quit OG to get away from managers like that.

Anyway. It's about 10:45 and all I've had to eat is 2 street tacos and a side of beans and chips (complete with a drink for only $5! woo!), so I'm gonna go make some canned soup or ramen since that's all the food we have. Seriously. We don't have milk, bread, eggs, frozen dinners or pizza, veggies, meat, or butter. We do, however, have one can of tomato soup and a couple ramen packets. Man it'll be nice to be able to buy food. :)

So I'm gonna end this here, and I'll be sure to let you all know how work turns out tomorrow.

YAY!!! I have work tomorrow!!!!!! :):):):):):)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I am employeed!

Yay!!! I have an orientation meeting to fill out paperwork and all that good stuff this Tues, Wed, or Thurs (he'll call me tomorrow to let me know) at CPK! I have a job!! woohoo!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Keep your fingers crossed!

Hi. So I don't have a job, yet. I had my final interview with the gm today, and that seemed to go well. He did say "Don't worry, we wouldn't have made you come in here this many times unless we like you" at least 3 times. And he said that he'd "definitely be in touch soon," he just have to talk to all the other managers to make sure that they all agree.

So yup. I know you're all as anxious and hopeful as I am (at least, I tell myself that you are because I like to think that everyone deeply cares about me. :) ) so I thought I'd keep you updated.

In other news, I got to hang out with Alex all day yesterday. I admit, I was not looking forward to it, I really didn't want to babysit at all, but, well, they kinda needed me so I was perfectly happy to help. But then it turned out that I had a lot of fun. We played in the sprinklers for at least 2 hours and that was a blast. At first I was like "Aack, no! Don't get me wet!" but then I realized that I'm here playing with a toddler and it's like 85 out and I can get as wet as I want and be as silly as I want and it was a lot of fun. I felt like a little kid again. :) We also played hours of "I'm gonna catch Alex!!!!" which was fun. And then I had yummy leftover spaghetti. And then I watched tv. Good times!

Right now Matthew is at some hotel bbq thingie. He said that it's only for employees, but he might have just said that so I didnt ask to go. It's not like I could anyway cuz I had my interview. But yeah. So I'm home alone and bored. Again. As always. blahblahblahblahblah!

Hopefully once I have a job I'll have more interesting stuff to say.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bangs head against wall

So I go to CPK today and it was packed. So the interview was canceled (there was another girl there waiting too), and rescheduled for Sunday at 3:30. I need this job, they like me, why won't they just give it to me?? sheesh.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


ugh, so the GM wasn't there, which means that I have yet another interview tomorrow. So I've had 2 group interviews, an interview with Paul, an interview with Monica, and now tomorrow I'll have an interview with Donald, who is the same guy I had the group interview with. I am gonna be pissed if I don't get this job.

I just want to help!

So since most of my posts are about frogs, it only makes sense that most of the random visits are from people looking up frogs. This last time it was someone looking up "frogs vacation enough springtails" which is a common problem among frog keepers and I want to be able to contact the person and tell them a few of the different ways you can feed your frogs while on vacation. But I can't! And it's sad!! Same thing with people looking up "blushing mantella care" and "tadpole pictures," I want to tell them where to go! I want to help them! But, alas, I cannot.

It's very sad.

So right now I'm playing WoW, but I'm flying and that's gonna take another 5 mins or so, so yeah. Fun times.

I did the dishes while I was scanning the auction house, and took out some kitty poo and recycleables while I was flying somewhere else (that apparently I didn't need to go to, d'oh!)

My third interview is at 4. I'm excited, which is nice, because I'm not really that nervous. I figure, 2 of the managers really liked me, the third one should like me too, right? I guess this interview is going to mostly be with Monica, but then the gm might show up too, or something. He did say at the group that he always tried to take part in the third interview, so we'll see. I need to study the menu some more. I have some of the dishes memorized, but since I don't quite know why he gave me the menu I'm kinda nervous about that and I want to know it as well as possible.

So I'm gonna get back to sorta playing WoW and studying and then I need to shower and go get a job!! Yay!!

So what is your dream job? (this is if things like reality and bills and maybe even time didnt exist, what would you enjoy the most?)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

new template!

I got tired of the old one. Really, I don't like this one too much either, but I'm not skilled enough (or at all) to make my own, and I'm too lazy to try to find more online (which I'm sure you can), so yup. Here it is. Yay for colors!

I'm so freaking bored right now. I tried to watch tv, read, do a puzzle, play with the kitties, ugh. It's only 1:30. I'm thinking that I'm gonna go by Red Robin today, but that's not for another hour. I do kinda need to eat something. I'm starting to feel sick. Which is just annoying. Yeah, I skipped breakfast, but still! Why should that make me feel sick? It's just not fair.

Maybe I'll make some tea. I finally tried the lemon ginger tea that Lacey gave me a couple weeks ago, and it was really yummy. I love ginger. mmmm..... with just a bit of honey....

Yeah, I think I'm gonna go do that now.

In the meantime, here's a random picture, and a random question! Enjoy! And answer!

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
(I can never pick just one, I'd want to be able to be invisible and to fly)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

good so far!

So the CPK (California Pizza Kitchen for those who dont know :) ) hiring process involves 3 interviews- the group, a second with a lower manager, and a third with the general manager. My group interview was with the general too, but yeah. Anyway. So I had my second interview today with Paul, and at the end he said that he'd check the gm's schedule to see when he's available for my third, and that he'll call me back tonight. Yay! He also gave me a menu to take home, so now that I've eaten I'm gonna study that. I tried to before dinner, and yeah, that didn't work. It was just making me hungry. So yeah! Hopefully I'll have a job soon!!
less than 2 hours to go...

Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok, so no job yet, but!!! I do have a second interview set up with CPK! Apparently I'm a dumbass. I guess somehow I didn't put my phone number on the application? Or something? So they called my emergency contact, Mrs. Jennifer Newkirk! Yay!!! So tomorrow at 3:45 I'm meeting with Lacey's sorta ex. Good times! I knew it was a good idea to go to church. The sermon totally spoke to me and I really took a hard look at what I was doing and how I was viewing my whole situation and the day after I sit down and reprioritize and thank God for everything that I have, for me being able to still pay bills with 4 months of unemployment, for my perfect health, for my supportive family and boyfriend, and everything else, I get an interview. Definitely something to think about. So everyone keep praying for me!