Saturday, May 25, 2013

To be fair, ceiling fans are pretty cool

Today is an exciting day!  We're going to try to give Maxwell a bottle for the first time.  I don't know why he wouldn't take it, and once he does that means I can start having Joe feed him sometimes, which will be awesome!  I figure I should probably still wake up in the middle of the night and pump when Joe feeds him then, because otherwise I might explode in a milky mess, but that only takes like 15 mins, as opposed to the hour or so that it takes to feed him (the actual feeding part only takes 15 mins, but first I have to wake him up, change his diaper, convince him to please, for the love of God, OPEN YOUR MOUTH BABY!!!!, and then work up enough energy to carry him back to our room to go bed (which usually takes at least 10 mins, although at least by then he's pretty well passed out)).  So we'll see how it goes.

We bought a swing yesterday.  I think he likes it?  He's still too young to smile, so it can be hard to tell when he's happy.  He was calm though, which I guess works.  He still didn't really look at the mobile, which surprised us.  His most favorite thing ever is the ceiling fan.  It doesn't even have to be on.  When he gets fussy we can usually just lay him on his back underneath it and once he catches sight of it he'll just stop, totally transfixed, and stare at it like it's the most amazing thing he's ever seen. I can't wait until he's old enough to start actually playing though.  I want to see him smile and hear him laugh and all that fun stuff!

Muna left a couple days ago.  She was only here for a few days, but it was really nice.  I honestly didn't think having another person here would make that much of a difference, since I'm the only one who can feed him (although that might change after today!), and he eats every hour-2 hours during the day, but it was actually pretty great.  He was the most cranky, crying, screamy baby we'd seen yet the first day she was here though.  I kinda felt bad...  I swear, he's not normally that bad!  Normally he's totally happy during the day, and then gets cranky in the evening, which just requires that we give him a lot more attention (which does make cooking and eating a little tricky), and then has a little freak out right before bed, but that first day she was here, he would not stop crying.  Ugh.  We did almost manage to successfully go out to eat though!  It probably would've been completely successful if the place we went to wasn't sooooo slow.  After waiting 15 mins for our drinks, I told them to go ahead and bring our food out to go, which was a good idea.  He was pretty starving by the time it came.  The food was good though.

I think I say "though" and "which" too much on here.  Maybe I'll work on that....  It's probably more fun to read a blog that's written better.  I mean, I know I'm just to incredibly fascinating that you'll want to read about my life regardless of how poorly written it is, but just think of how much better it'd be if it was actually well written!  That'd be even more amazing than a ceiling fan!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He's a month old today!

How has it already been a month? Didn't I just get home from the hospital yesterday? Every day he changes too.  One day he was all floppy bobble head, now he can hold it up very well.  He's focusing on our eyes now, instead of just some random area in front of him.  He's starting to turn his head to follow ours and is eating and napping more regularly.  All normal baby things, but it's pretty fun to watch how quickly he's growing up. We're still waiting for the first real smile. Babies are so much more fun when they interact with you!

Anyway, I wanted to assure everyone that we're doing great here!  Obviously it's an adjustment, but we're happy.  I'm getting a lot more sleep than most new moms get, which is awesome, although I didn't get much last night.  But then Joe took him downstairs at 6 and let me sleep until 7:30, which was sooo nice. So I feel relatively human. :)

I swear I had lots of things I wanted to talk about on here...  I kinda can't think of anything though.  Hmm.  My neighbor dropped off a bag of mangos from his mom's yard, so I think I'll just go eat one of those.  Maybe the sugar will spark a creative writing streak!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

All about baby

Yesterday we had to Maxwell to his two week appointment, and the nurse practitioner mentioned how every visit they'll give us a paper with all his "stats" (length, weight, etc) and how it's great for the baby book.  Then she laughed and commented on how the book for the first baby is always the best, but then the later kids don't ever get one that's filed out.  I told her that we hadn't even written his name in his book yet, but she kept going on about the first baby book is the best.  I think she wasn't really listening too well.  That's ok though, it's not like we need a medical professional to actually listen to us!  She wasn't even the pediatrician, who we never actually met, even after being told "the Doctor will be in in just a couple minutes" and then waiting over half an hour, which wouldn't have been a super huge deal, except that Maxwell was hungry, so he was crying and we were waiting to feed him because the Doc was supposed to be right in.  My point being, we were already a little annoyed at the NP when she started talking about the baby book.  I will try to fill the thing out though!  And while I'm at it, maybe we should print some pictures of him, so we have actual hard copies!  Or, hey, print pictures from our wedding, because we still don't have any.  I mean, we have hem on the flash drive, but we never got our book, and haven't printed any out yet, and since we've been married over a year, that really seems like the kind of thing we should have done by now....

Anyway.  Maxwell's two weeks old!  Actually, two weeks and one day, but whatever, two weeks is close enough.  I'm really looking forward to him being old enough to take bottles, because then I can make Joe get up and feed him occasionally, and I can get some sleep.  I miss sleep...  And for some weird reason I thought that after I gave birth I'd only being one person again, but that was awfully naive.  He's still pretty attached to me.  I feel bad, because he's definitely calmer with me than with Joe, and as Joe points out, most of the time when he's crying there's literally nothing he can do to help, that's all me.  I think he feels a little left out.  But I've started pumping, so soon enough Joe will get to help with feeding, and that should help everything, right?  Joe is way better than me at playing with him though. I'm pretty positive that he's going to smile for him first. All he does with me is sleep and eat, Joe's already the "fun" parent, which is ok. It's very cute to watch.

We are doing pretty well though.  The past two mornings he's thrown up pretty violently, but I think that's kinda normal. He just eats too much in the morning. But again, pumping should help with that, cuz then I wont be as full.  Of course, I could be totally wrong about that, cuz I am totally making this all up as I go along, but isn't that what every parent does?

Speaking of which, when do I start feeling like an actual parent?  Right now it feels more like I have an exceptionally needy pet, not like I'm a mother and he's my son.  I guess it just hasn't hit me yet?

We haven't really sarted using the cloth diapers yet.  We're planning on it, but right now he's just going through too many, and they look so huge on him!   Disposable's are easy, but they do get expensive awfully quickly.  Maybe for now we'll just use the cloth ones at night, when I'm not changing them as often?

Some local friends came over to meet him yesterday.  He was being a perfect angel while they were here, then started screaming about an hour after they left, and didn't stop until we got him to sleep at 8.  9? uh...  Sometime around them, I don't remember. I passed out shortly after him.

Good times!