Sunday, February 21, 2010


4 Things I have asked my neighbors to stop doing that I shouldn't have had to
1. Please stop playing music at 3am at full volume.
2. Please stop letting your dog crap under my stairs and then leaving it there.
3. Please stop unscrewing the light bulb that lights my stairs.
4. Please stop parking an inch in front of my garage so I can't open it.

4 Stupidest things my tables have said to me recently
1. I didn't know there was corn in my White Corn Guacamole!
2. Can I just get small pieces of all the appetizers on one plate?
3. Can I get only half of a pizza?
4. I didnt know that was a pizza! (we actually hear that one all the time)

4 Awesome things I've bought recently
1. Contacts!
2. Cappuccino gelato
3. Espresso martini
4. Cadbury creme eggs (yay, easter candy!!)

4 Best surgeries I've gotten to scrub in to so far
1. Emergency craniotomy
2. Bilateral full thickness and split thickness skin grafts on arms, shoulders, and neck
3. Robotic nephrectomy
4. Total hip replacement