Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crazy week, and it's only half over

EDIT-Looking for the SJVC infozone portal to access email and such?  Go to  Make sure to put ed/ before your user name.  So, if your name is John Smith and you were born on July 4th, 1980, your user name is smjo(your student ID number), and your password is js198007 

And returning to my blog.....

I started school this week.


It's going well enough I guess, but it's certainly keeping me busy. Monday and Wed I'm in class from 10-2:40, with a 20 min break in between, Tuesday I go in at 7:15 and don't get out until 2:40, this time with 2 30 min breaks, and Thursday I get to sleep in, I only have one class from 12:30-2:40. All that isn't terrible. I mean, yeah, that's a lot of time spent in class, but that's alright, I've had worse. The problem is the homework. The first night I spent 3 hours on homework, the second (Tues) I could only work for 2 hours cuz I also had to go to work, and by the time I got home at 9 I was exhausted from being up since 6 am so I wasn't able to do as much. Tonight I've been doing homework for an hour or so, but I needed to take a break. :) Yay for breaks! Luckily most of the homework I was assigned today isn't due until Monday, so that's good. Of course, since I have so many days to do it they gave us more to do, so yeah.

I got 100% on my first quiz though! yay....


I feel bad cuz I meant to call Carina on her birthday, but by the time I had time to call it was like 11 and I was tired and knew I had to get up early.

Also, I don't get why schools must make everything difficult. Remember how I was complaining about having to use my school email? Wait... did I complain about that? I think I did...


So stupid school email. Fine, whatever, I'll try to check it every so often. So I go to check it today. Hmm.... where is the link to my email? It is not (as you may have believed) on the SJVC website. It is also not to be found by searching for "SJVC student email" or anything likewise easy. Somehow Matthew stumbled across a help page somewhere and I happened to see it and see that it said "infozone" and then remembered that that's what the address was at school (I remembered it had info in it, but not the zone part) and was finally able to get to it. All in all, it took me about 30 mins to login to my email account, only to see that the email that my teacher had told us was there and was very important to read was just a notice that another teacher had lost a wedding ring, which I already knew cuz I was there when she lost it. Well, I mean I was there when she realized she lost it. Obviously we don't know where she was when she lost it or it wouldn't be lost.

My point is, the people who are in charge of this kind of thing should all be fired. Every single one of them. Because I have problems like this EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to access a school or work website. It's irritating. Infuriating. And someone needs to lose their job over it.

Other than that though, I like my classes! I have Medical Terminology (super easy since I already took it), Intro to Surgical Tech, Intro to Surgical Procedures, and my lab class. The lab and surgical procedures are the best. I learned how to put on a table cloth (ok, a "back table cover") and how to open towels without touching the outside of the package, and then I got to throw them on the table, which is always fun, and we learned about Metzenbaum scissors and Mayo stands and a whole bunch of stuff. Good times.

But now, alas, I must do more homework.


Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm giving up on Sonic.

I like Sonic. At least, I used to. But the last several times I've been there I've been very disappointed. The Cherry Limeade's are good, but that's about it. Tonight was the last straw. Here's how it went-
"Hi, welcome to Sonic, can I take your order?"
Matthew- "Yeah, we'll get a number 6 (for me, it's a Chicken Toaster Club, normally comes with fried chicken) with grilled chicken..."
"Ok what else can I get?"
"Um... that was with a Cherry Limeade, and can I also get a large number 8 with tater tots and Cherry Limeade"
"What was that?"
"A number 6 with grilled chicken and a Cherry Limeade, and a large number 8 with tater tots and a Cherry Limeade."
"Ok, *she repeats all that* Your total is $13.15"

We wait a few minutes and it comes out.
"Alright, I've got a number 6 and a number 8, that'll be $13.60"

Oh, ok, maybe we heard the total wrong? I mean, it's possible that we both heard the same wrong number, right? So while Matthew is paying I look in the bag.

uh, wait, no, this isn't right. It's a number 5 (a grilled chicken sandwich), fries and Matthew's chicken wrap, but no tater tots.

When she brings us ketchup we tell her that it's the wrong sandwich and that we didn't get the tater tots. She apologizes, repeats back what we need, and goes to get it. Meanwhile, I'm eating my fries, which were rubbery, had no salt, and obviously were made in old oil, and a guy comes out- "Here ya go" throws a bag of food at us, and walks away before we can even open the bag. My sandwich is right, but there's no tater tots.

So we push the button and tell them that we still don't have the tater tots.

The first girl comes back out looking very embaressed and apologizes and asks if there's anything else we need. We don't, we've got out food so we're ok. (At this point I wasn't even going to bother complaining about the crappy fries)

We finish and order dessert. A banana split with nuts and a chocolate cream pie shake. The girl never asks what size, just gives us a total. It comes out, and there's no nuts on my banana split.

So! Let's recap. When ordering the girl never asked what we'd like to drink with our combos (strike one), it came out with the wrong sandwich, even though the correct one was repeated back to us (strike 2), it took asking for the tater tots TWICE after they'd forgotten them (strikes 3 and 4), she never asked what size shake we wanted (strike 5) and my banana split didn't have nuts on it (strike 6). Oh, and the fries were bad (strike 7).

I mean, seriously, how many ways can you fuck up an order at a fast food place? If I messed up this much at my work we would have comped the food, offered the dessert for free, and probably given them a gift card. And the manager would have come out personally to apologize.

Sadly, there's no way to send in an online complaint, the only way is to call the toll free number from their website, which I'm too lazy to do.


Did I mention that this cost us over $20? GRRS!!

My back still hurts dammit

So I had my orientation at SJVC today. (Completely unrelated side note, but I really think I need to come up with a new way to start my posts. They all seem to start with "So I... " which must get tiring to read. Anyway.) It went pretty well I guess. They do that really obnoxious thing where they communicate to the students a lot via email, but will only email your school address. Does that annoy anyone else? I don't want to have to check a separate email address every day so I can find out that I have a quiz the next day or (as was the case for one student who didn't check her email) I'm having a ceremony to honor me because I'm so wonderful, but apparently I'm not good enough to call (I guess they told her through email that it was coming up, but she never checked it, so she never showed up). I've had a few teachers throughout the years who have actually asked me for my email that I use and then used that one to create their mailing list, and that worked way better. People actually got their emails that way.

It's just stupid. And annoying.


We got 80 million books. So many, in fact, that they didnt fit in the giant wheelie "back packs" that they gave us. Granted, included in there was a dictionary, a medical dictionary, a theasurous, a pocket guide to a book that they also gave us the big version of, and 3 books that we wont need for the next 30 weeks, but still. Just looking at them made my back hurt. Luckily I decided to drive, because otherwise I would've had to walk home, get my car, and drive back. They're still all sitting in my car because it took lying down for 3 hours for my back to stop hurting after carrying them to my car from the school, and I don't feel like doing that again. I think I'll make Matthew carry them in.

I also bought some books from Border's today. I think I'm going to return one of them though. It covers all the same stuff as the other one, only in a more ... umm... less advanced way, so I figure I'll just stick with the other one. I mean, the stuff in there is cute, but I'm not necessarily looking for how to do cute, and I think I can figure out how to roll a ball, stick two black pins in it for eyes, and then draw a half circle for a smile without having to spend $23 on a book telling me how to do that. The other one though, looks really amazingly helpful. It shows exactly what to do to make every part of the body (well, every PG 13 part), even including different how to make different races and ages and all that, which is kinda tricky, and good to know. Of course, it also makes it look super easy, which I doubt it is, but that's ok. It'll be fun to play with.

Hey look! Someone from Cookeville came to my blog! I used to live there! nifty.

I guess that's about it. Hmm... I think I should probably feed my snake. I'm gonna go do that now, yippie!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bad backs, fairy hands, and Brita water filters

I feel bad, I was supposed to babysit Alex tonight, but my back has been killing me. I've tried taking IB Profen (thank God I'm not allergic), aspirin, and even codiene, but nothing has helped. Well, laying down perfectly still works, but the moment I sit up or move it starts hurting again. Needless to say, even thinking about picking up a toddler hurts, so I called and canceled. Luckily she found someone else. It's annoying. If it doesn't feel better soon I'm going to have work pay for me to go to the doctor. I'm just assuming that it's work related.

Tomorrow I have orientation at SJVC at 8:30. I have to show up all dressed in scrubs and whatnot. I was always planning on walking, but with my back I really don't know if that's the best idea. At 8:30 it should be nice and cool too. I dunno. We'll just have to see how it goes.

I ordered some sculpting books at Borders. I'm not sure that I'm going to buy them, but I want to at least look them over.

I finally convinced Matthew to try using a water filter instead of buying so much bottles. I don't know that he'll use it much, but I am. I got the pitcher kind cuz those seem to taste better. I set it up yesterday and have already had to refil it three times. :) Yay for drinking lots of water and saving the environment from wasteful plastic bottles and whatever!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Matthew's secret allergies

So apparently Matthew is allergic to IB Profen. Last time he took some a month or so ago his hands and feet got all itchy. Last night he took some again (forgetting about the previous time) and not only did his hands and feet get itchy, but he also developed hives all over his body, and his face got kinda swollen. And apparently if you're allergic to IB Profen you're way more likely to become allergic to aspirin, so you can't take either. So he's stuck with tylenol. Poor boy.

Hmm... I totally thought I had more to write about, but I can't think of anything else, so this is it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Polymer clay elf heads!

Looky what I did!!

This was my first attempt-

Ok, ignoring the creepy tin foil eyes, I think I did pretty good. I mean, come on, it was my very first try ever!! Matthew thinks it looks like a guy from World of Warcraft.

But then, I tried again!

Way better, right? This time I found some red beads for the eyes, which work better, but even without that, way better! It actually looks like a person, not a misshapen lump of clay!

Lets see what they look like next to each other!

So yes, that is what I did last night. See, me and Matthew went to Chili's, but they had a long wait, so we killed some time by going to Aaron's Brothers and I bought some cheapo polymer clay (even if I wanted to, which I don't, cuz these are just practice, I can't bake these or harden them in any way) and some tools cuz they were all half off, so it was only $4 and then when we got home I made those! I know, they're far from perfect, and really, they're not very good anyway, but it was the first time I ever tried something like that and they turned out better than I expected. They also took like an hour and a half each. So now I need to go buy some wire so I can make bodies! Yay!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Credit Score

Woohoo, apparently my credit score is 778. Matthew is mad cuz mine is higher than his. Ha! :P He found some site that not only gives you a free credit report (lots of places do that), but actually tells you your number, and gives you a budget and all that. According to that I have about $300 a month in extra income. I don't know about that though, cuz I was just guessing on a lot of the numbers. Really, what I need to do is spend a month saving receipts and whatnot and figure out how much I'm actually spending on my pets, dining out, etc per month. I'm not very good at that, but it seems like I'm making too much money to have no savings and almost $5,000 in credit card debt, so maybe I'd better start getting good at it. Especially since I'm about to have a lot more debt. Which is kinda scary, but I figure having education debt is totally different than credit card debt, so it's ok. Or something.

I'm just happy I have a good score! :)

Mmmmm... leftover tofu pad thai....

So I keep meaning to call Dad to tell him to come down on Sat and buy a car cuz I have the day off, and would really like a car, but I keep forgetting. Seriously? How could I be forgetting to get a new car? *sighs* I think it's just cuz the times when it's more convenient for me to call him, he's not there, and then the times when I'm busiest is when he's home. It's all vey tricky people. So, if any of you talk to him, tell him that Susie wants him to come down and buy a new car. K? K. Thanks muchly.

In other news, I start SJVC soon, but I still don't have an actual schedule, and the papers that I got say something like "Every new student has to go to orientation" and I have no idea when that is. I think I need to call my admissions chick and ask her what's up. Maybe the 27th isn't my first day of school school, maybe it's my orientation to my first day of school? I dunno, but if I need to request a day off of work then I need to know what day that is!! It's just weird cuz they're usually so on top of things when it comes to calling me.

I'm also totally freaking out about starting school again. I do this every single time I start school again, and considering how many times I've stopped school you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but no, I'm just as nervous as ever. grrs.

And I need to buy some surgical clogs. You know, those ginormous plastic shoes? Yeah, I have to wear those. The kind without holes. At least I can wear any color I want. And I'm kinda thinking I might want to wear two different colors. Like, buy a purple pair and a green pair and wear one of each. This whole khaki scrubs thing just annoys me. Same thing with work, I mean, seriously? How is it bad to wear purple or green or yellow rubber bands in my hair? WHY WONT PEOPLE LET ME WEAR COLORS DAMMIT?!?!?!?!?


I think I'm gonna call SJVC now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Laundry, springtail food, and even more fruit flies

So it's been a day for chores. Which is not how I intended the day to be, but it's just sorta turning out that way. First I had to do laundry. Actually, really, I had to laundry a couple weeks ago, but kept putting it off. I still need to wash my blankets, but at least my towels and clothes are clean (it took 3 loads). Then I made some more fruit fly cultures, ordered some more fruit fly media and some other stuff for them, vacuumed my floor, and squished some plastic bottles to be recycled later. It's only 1:30 and I've spent about $130. ugh.

This week I work every other day. Which is annoying. I mean, couldn't they have given me at least 2 days off in a row?

We think Sasha is sick. Her eyes are all gunky and she's been VERY cuddly and calm. It's kinda nice, but I still hope she gets better soon and is back to her old self. It's been driving Matthew crazy cuz she keeps wanting to sleep on his arm while he's playing the computer, which doesn't really work because he has to keep moving his arm, but then she gets all upset, and he hates to upset Sasha! She tries to do the same thing to me, but I just kick her off. I've tried telling Matthew that she is only a cat, but he doesn't listen. Silly boy.

I need to go to Target later. So I can spend even more money, yay!!

Life is expensive.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

*cries* RIP little Camry!!

It's the saddest thing ever!!

I sold my car. To a junkyard. For $200. :( *snif* I'll miss you little Camry!!! I loved you so much!!!

Stupid thing drove perfectly on the way to the junk yard too. As if to mock us. With its new tires and new registration.

Whatever. Dad promised me that once I got rid of the Camry he'd go buy a Forester and give me the Corolla. Of course, he was a little tipsy when he said that, but that's ok. Mom said that that's alright, he just has to come down here and buy one. I think I might call him now. I work lunches for the next couple of days, so that would be a good time!



I talked to Carina for a bit today. She seems to be doing well, so that's good. I guess she even turned down morphine and is only on vicodin, so she must not even be in much pain, and all her doctors are optimistic. :)

Matthew and I went and saw Eagle Eye yesterday. It was kinda funny, we went to a movie because he had free tickets, and we went to Red Robin because he was craving a sandwich, except we went to a different theater so we had to buy our tickets, and he got a chicken breast and salad, not a sandwich. Silly boy. It was an alright enough movie. The whole thing was pretty silly, but it was entertaining enough.

umm.... Yes, I guess that's it. Now I just need to go bug Dad until he buys a new car.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

work, crossroads, and blood

Hi all you internet people! Ok, mostly just family people, but whatever. The random internet people only read a couple of my posts.

Anywho. I'm actually scheduled to work 6 days this week, which is awesome. Most people only have 4 days. It's nice to know that the managers listen to complaints. I'd talked to Paul (the guy who does the schedules) a couple weeks ago about how I want to get good insurance, and for that I need 25 hours a week, and apparently he's trying to make that happen, despite us being slow these days.

So that's good.

Matthew has been looking into buying a condo. I guess that's good in theory, I mean, if he could afford it it would be good, but he kinda can't, and never once in all his planning and figuring out did he think of me, which irritated me. After listening to him talking about it for a few days I brought it up and he just said that you have to be married to own it together, and he's not going to make me pay for something that's in his name. He also hasn't bothered to ask my opinion about any of the properties he's looking at. Apparently he's already contacted some people about buying one. We've been together for almost 3 years, am I asking too much to be included when he buys a home? I dunno, I love him and all, but this relationship doesn't seem to be going where I wanted it to. I know he always said that he didn't want kids, but I guess I just sorta figured that that was just something that he was afraid of and he'd eventually get over it. But he's not. At all. I mean, his brother, in TEXAS is having a kid and he completely freaked out for 3 weeks! That's not normal. And now he's making life plans that I'm not included in. He's really the only friend I have here though, and I can't imagine what I would do without him. Like Rachel said, we're at a crossroad, and I need to figure out what direction to go in.


Anyway, enough of that.

Lacey invited me to go to her ultrasound today, but I have to work. :( Too bad, I'd like to go.

I think I'm finally better enough to reschedule with Houchin, which is good. Mostly just cuz I was getting really tired of being sick. Stupid Bakersfield. It's been really nice out lately though. Matthew and I even went on a little picnic a couple days ago. :) We found some little park in a nice residential neighborhood off Ming that was almost completely deserted, so that was cool.

Anyway, it's time for me to take a shower, so I'm gonna go do that.

Bye internet (family) people! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Having 3 days off in a row is weird

Ugh, so this stupid sore throat that I've had for a couple weeks has turned into a full blown cold. It's annoying. I'm coughing and my nose is running and I'm all stuffed up and ugh.

I hate being sick. I was supposed to go to Houchin on the first, but had to cancel. So not cool.

In happier news though, me and Abby went to Ventura yesterday. It was fun! We went to a couple thrift stores where we met up with Mercedes and each bought some cute new clothes, and then we went to Cafe Bariloche and had some fabulous empanadas, then we went for a walk on the beach and found lots of neat rocks. :) Good times!

I think I'm gonna go buy some drugs now. Yeah.... drugs sound good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Light makes me sneeze

Oh! I totally forgot! Matthew is going to be an uncle! yay! :) His sister in law, Ashley, is about 8 weeks pregnant, which I think is very fun, but has put Matthew in a very bad mood for the past 3 weeks (when he found out, but I only found out cuz his mom mentioned it a couple days ago). So yay for babies! :)

Catching Frogs, too many birthdays, and King Terask on Insane

Yay, finally more pictures!! I know, I am the worst blogger ever. Well, almost. I mean, I post occasionally, but I have all these Rock Creek pictures that I'm too lazy to do anything with, and even though I have this great camera, I rarely take new pictures. It's quite sad. *cries*

Ok, enough of that. Here's Abby!

And here's Mom and... I forgot his name already.

Yay! Here they are again!! By the way, I totally forgot what lake these were taken at, so if anyone remembers, let me know!

All the kids spent the whole time catching (and, sadly, killing) baby frogs.

So there's some new pictures. I hope you enjoyed them. If you didn't, well, that's ok too, cuz I don't really care much.


So I imported a bunch more cds into my itunes. I'm just as lazy with that as I am with posting pictures, so despite the fact that I've had itunes for like, 2 years (thank you Matthew) I've still got dozens of cd's that aren't on my computer yet. I even had a Coheed and Cambria cd! Psh, craziness.

I've been playing too much neopets. Well, I mean, too much is very subjective, obviously, but... I've been playing a lot. See, I have to beat Neoquest II on Insane mode so I can get the 3 million neopoint prize. The last guy to beat is really hard though, and you can't run away from him, and if you die on Insane mode you have to start the whole thing over again, and it'll take me like 3 months of playing a lot just to get to that point, so if in a few weeks there's a post that consists of nothing but angry cussing, well, you know why.

I'd better beat him.

hmm. yes.

So work is going pretty well. I'm having fun. Most of the time. I had this super bitchy lady yesterday, but she calmed down after she'd eaten and sat there for THREE HOURS. She tipped me a whole $3. woo.

umm... I'm going to Venture tomorrow with Abby to hit the thrift stores for her birthday. That should be fun! We never get to do things with just the two of us (well, three including Aiden) anymore. And even if we do, it's usually just grabbing some Thai food or something. Which is fun, don't get me wrong, but it'll be nice to actually go do something.

oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACEY!! Yay!! :) And Happy Almost Birthday Rachel and Abby!! And Happy belated birthday Mom and Chris! And Happy your birthday is somewhere around here Cathy and everyone else! Isn't Gita's or Dani's birthday around now? I can never remember. I'm horrible. But at least I don't expect anyone else to remember my birthday. So that's fair, right?

I think I'm gonna go take a shower. I've been dancing around my apartment for the past 2 hours and I'm all sweaty and stinky.