Thursday, May 21, 2009

lots of water, algea, and laundry

I think I drink too much water. My water filter pitcher thingie is supposed to last 2 months, but I have to replace the filter every 3 or 4 weeks cuz I refill it at least twice a day. I can't help it, I'm thirsty! And that's like all I drink. Granted, not ever having to buy juice or soda or anything really helps me save money, and helps keep me skinnier, but still. I just need to move somehwere that has good tap water.

Anyway. It's been all warm and sunny which means that the algae is growing out of control in my turtle tanks and I have to clean the filters every week. It's gross and smelly.

Damn turtles.

I think I'm going to Florence Lake from June 12-15. Yay for camping! :)

I was only getting 3 shifts a week at work, but then we started getting busier and we suspended one of our bartenders/servers and I was bitching a lot about only getting three shifts a week, and now I'm working all the time and it's nice cuz I have lots of money, but it's also really annoying. Cuz I'm always working.

Except last night cuz I didn't have any hot water and I wasn't about to go into work without showering.


But it's working now, so that's good.

Today I was actually scheduled to have the night off, so I've done 4 loads of laundry (yay for clean sheets and towels!) and various other chores.

I need to go to the bank . I have lots of money to deposit. It's hot outside though, and, well, I'm lazy so I don't think I will tonight.

Seriously why does the radio still insist on playing nickelback? Isn't it kinda common knowledge that they suck? I don't know anyone who actually likes them...


Anyway. I just figured I'd better update this before everyone starts complaining about it.

So there ya go.

Isn't it so exciting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go me!

I went jogging this morning. As all of you who know me know, I do not jog. It is just not something I do. But I'm getting tired of being in such terrible shape. I've been doing pretty good with my diet and actually cooking and all that, but I really would like to be in better shape, so I ran a couple miles today. Ok, well, I half jogged/half walked a couple miles. It took me 25 mins. But still! I'm proud of myself dammit.


I'm at Chris and Lacey's right now watching the kids. We watched Elmo, ate some dinner, played with some play dough, played outside for a long time, and now we're watching Elmo again cuz I couldnt find the choochoo movie.

Lauren had one of the grossest diapers I've changed in a very long time today too. ick.

But other than that she's been super easy. Trying to catch a football while holding a baby was a little tricky though. :) I kept trying to get Alex to play soccer instead, but he wasn't really interested.

Blah blah.

Ummm... Yeah, that's pretty much it. My life is boring these days. I've been insanely busy, but not doing anything really blog worthy. *shrug*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neon and pink and orange

Oh yeah! Somehow I keep forgetting to mention this. On my way to Tehachapi on Sunday I almost ran over an albino corn snake. How weird is that? Obviously it was someone's pet that they had released, but still. Craziness. Usually I just see lots of rattlesnakes and the very occasional king snake.

Also, I was insanely busy last night and actually made more than I did on Mother's Day. Which was the awesomeness. Yes. Especially since A. it was a Monday night, and B. I normally only work weekends. Gotta love those extra shifts where I make $130! I only had $750 in sales too! Go me! Actually, go professional football player's wife who has a black amex and gave me an extra $20 on top of the $22 autograt, and go cool people who gave me $15 on $66, and other cool people who gave me $20 on $66. With three tables equally about $260 I got $77. Like I said, awesomeness.

Monday, May 11, 2009

OMG I'm alive!!!

Shocking, I know.

For some reason I'm in a really bad mood today. I dont know why. My neck and back kinda hurt, maybe that's it... I need a cute boy to give me a massage. hm...

Anywho. I know I haven't posted in forever, sorry about that. What can I say? I suck! :) yay!

Get over it.

So! What have I been up to? Let's see.. work. More work. School occasionally. Going out drinking with friends a little more often than I should. That's just what happens when you're best friend is somewhat of an alcoholic though, lol. And then of course, we had to celebrate Jen (girl from work) finishing her internship, etc.

Umm, yesterday was Mother's Day. Work was crazy, as was expected. But I still made it up to Tehachapi and went out for a fabulous dinner with Carina, and gave Dad a present. Yeah, there wasn't so much of my mother involved in my Mother's Day, lol.

Umm.... see this is why I haven't update in forever, I don't really have anything to talk about.

I think I'm gonna go eat some leftovers now.