Monday, November 9, 2009

It's everything that is connected and beautiful and now I know just where I stand

Today at Vons it took me three tries to enter my phone number, not because I kept hitting the wrong buttons, but because I kept forgetting what my number is. Then I'm at my door, trying to get into my apartment, but I can't find my keys in any of my pockets, or my purse. I set down the grocery bags to get my phone to call somebody when I realize they're in my hand. The following is an explanation as to why I'm so tired.

Thursday, Oct 29- SJCH Endo from 6:30-12, class from 1-whenever we finished our final exam(it took my 20 mins, I got 167/170 questions right), supposed to meet with my trainer at the gym, but I got sick, so I canceled. Went to bed at around 9.

Friday, Oct 30- Woke up at 10:30 (I was sick!). Work from 4-9

Sat, Oct 31- Work from 4-8, then a Halloween party with some people from work until midnight or so.

Sunday, Nov 1- Work from 10-4, gym for an hour.

Mon, Nov 2- Signed up for a new checking account, then random errands all day, walmart, petsmart, groceries, etc, then Monday Night Football at Firehouse, where I got a little drunk, and then spent the night with some friends.

Tues, Nov 3- Picked up my car from Firehouse, then work from 11:30-2:30, then LA with Michael for a concert (I feel bad, everytime we go to a concert together I fall asleep on the drive home. I try really hard to stay awake, but dammit, it's after midnight and I'm sleepy!)

Wed, Nov 4- Gym for an hour, work at 4.

Thursday, Nov 5- Hmm, it took my editing this post three times to remember Thursday. Interesting. (edit one)I know I cleaned Tabasco's tank at some point recently... That was probably today. (edit two)Oh! And I think I made soup today too... Which takes like an hour and a half (including all the time it takes to cut the veggies and boil the water and let everything simmer and all that). I still have a little left. (edit three) Then I met up with a friend at the Marketplace and hung out at Starbucks until they kicked us out at 11.

Friday, Nov 6- Hiking all day (we left at 8, got back at 5:30) with Kim

Sat, Nov 7- Work from 11:30-4, late lunch/early dinner with family, then walked around the mall a bit, then Girl's Night Out with some girls (obviously) from work. home at midnight

Sunday, Nov 8- Cleaned the apartment (trash, dishes, vacuum, kitchen, laundry), then work at 5:30 (closing shift, luckily we close early on Sundays)

Monday, Nov 9- KMC from 6-3, class from 3:30-5:30, then more laundry, and groceries.

Tomorrow, Nov 10- KMC from 6-3, class from 3:30-5:30, then maybe sleep.... that sounds good.

Wed, Nov 11- Holiday (I dont know which one.... hmm.... Not important.), if they're open I need to get my oil changed. And go to the gym. And then sleep some more.

It's a good thing we dont get weeks off of school very often, cuz if we did I might just die of exhausted. Damn vacations!!

And seriously, how do all of you do this when you have kids and husbands/wives? I am impressed!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am boring.

Hmm, it's been over a month since my last post. I suck, sorry.

So I only have 3 more months of school, yay! Sorta. I have three months of actually being in school, but there's a gazillion breaks until then, so it'll take 4 months. Starting Monday I'll be working 2 8 hour shifts at KMC, then in 5 weeks I'll be somewhere else (hopefully doing more than two days).

So that's fun.

I actually have this week off though, which has been awesome. Because I have this weird thing (free time is what I think most people call it....) I've been trying to actually do stuff. I went to a party on Halloween (as a faerie), I hung out at Firehouse watching sports, I went to see the Silversun Pickups and the Dany Warhols in LA with Michael (The Loss Adjuster), and tomorrow, provided the weather cooperates, I'm going hiking with a girl from work. Yay! :)

Today... I don't really have anything to do. I need to go the gym at some point, and I need new pants for work cuz we're getting new uniforms, which is awesome (black shirt, no tie), but I have to have spiffy new pants cuz faded ones will stand out too much.

And.... uh... this is why I havent been posting much. I just really cant think of anything to say.

So, bye!