Friday, September 26, 2008

Cutting people up is neato.

Crickets are yummy for my geckos.

Hamburger helper made with turkey and vegan meat substitute is yummy for me and Matthew.

Spiders are yummy for my kitties.

My insides kinda hurt. I think I've been drinking too much coffee. I can't help it, I've been in a funk lately. I mean, I'm perfectly fine, at least, I think I am, but everyone around me is constantly bugging me- "are you ok?" "what's wrong?" and coffee makes me hyper enough that they don't ask me.

The other day I walked with $73 after only having $330 in sales. Awesomeness. I even tipped out an extra $10. One lady gave me $18 on her $82 bill, but she had bought a $50 gift card, so she was tipping me almost twenty bucks for swipping a card. Awesomeness. And then there was this sweet Mexican lady and her 8 year old daughter. The woman didn't speak much English, so the daughter did most of the talking, but she was very nice and always said thank you and she let me practice my Spanish on her. They gave me $9 on their $22 bill.

Of course, the next day I walked with $67 after having over $600 in sales, so I guess it all evens out.

In 16 months I'm going to be a surgical technologist. That's kinda crazy. During school I'll help in a minimum of 140 surgical procedures. I'll also have to dissect a cat. :( I have to go buy some scrubs. I'm sad though, cuz the ST's wear ugly khaki scrubs. The RT's (respiratory techs wear maroon, which I like way better). Last night was an open house thingie to try to get people to enroll. I went, along with 5 other people already enrolled. It was kinda nice to meet some other people who are going to be in my class. Unsurprisingly, Hawaii has the highest average salary, so I've decided that I should move there. I mean, yes, it's also way more expensive to live there, but whatever. It's Hawaii!! The South (also unsurprisingly) has very low pay, so Matthew should be happy about that. I am not going to pay $30,000 to go to school so I can get a job that pays $14 an hour (that's the average in Mississippi or Alabama or something).


Matthew was mean to me last night. Before I went to the SJVC thing he's like "Hey! I have good news! What do you want more than anything?" and I"m like "I dunno Matthew, what's the news?" cuz I'm all impatient and not fun like that, and he's like "No, guess! What do you want more than anything in the world?" and I said "to go somewhere fun" and he said "Well, I have tomorrow off, so we should go somewhere! Actually, we could leave tonight and get a hotel room for tonight!" Yay! So I come home and I'm all "so where are we going?" and then he's like "Oh, I forgot, I'm getting my computers tomorrow (he ordered 3 $50 computers a couple days ago) so I need to be home when they get here."

Bastard. Getting my hopes up like that. It's kinda like when Dad said "Oh, we're gonna buy a Subaru and give you the Corolla!"

Everyone just likes to toy with my emotions.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I got a bloody nose last night. I NEVER get bloody noses. Like, I haven't had one in probably ten years. It wasn't bleeding very much, but it took like 20 mins for it to finally stop.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

corndogs, blurry dogs, and gimpy hands

Me and Matthew went to the fair on Friday. We both happened to have the day off, and it was nice out (a little warm in the sun, but the shade was nice) so we figured we'd go ahead and check it out. I was just happy to get out of the apartment. :) We didn't go any rides or anything though, we just walked around and looked at the exhibits. I decided I should enter the photography contest next year. I mean, half the pictures there weren't even in focus. And then there was a couple in the 12 and under category that were obviously taken by an adult. At least, they were set up by an adult. Maybe the kid pushed the button, but that's not exactly difficult.


So yeah, we went to the fair.

umm.... Let's see.... My fingers are doing better. My ring fingernail is a still a little sore and has a small bruise, but it's alright. Work was very understanding, too, which was nice. The managers were going out of their way to make sure I was ok to be working, and the other servers were helping me out a lot. The first night I was working in the "lounge" (the bar area and patio) with another server and he ended up taking most of the tables, and then did most of the sidework for me too. I tried to do more sidework, but he wouldn't let me. So that was nice. :)

Matthew's diet is going well. His stomach has been feeling a little better, and we've both been losing weight, which is nice. Especially cuz I'm still eating cookies and other yummy, high fat foods. We sorta cheated at the fair, but that was ok.

umm..... hmm.... See, this is why I haven't been posting very often. There's just not a lot going on.

Oh, I open next Sat, so I should make it to Chris' party. Yay!! :) Tonight Matthew has to go to his Mom's house for dinner, but I have to work. So sad. lol

I guess that's about it. I'll get back to neopets and Star Trek now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ok, note to self- make sure fingers are completely clear of the doorframe when closing the locked car door. It just makes things less painful. grrs. Although, to be honest, they don't really hurt anymore, but last night! OW!!! I'm actually kinda pissed, cuz only one finger is a little red and swollen, and it really hurt, there should be marks! There should be swelling and bruising and maybe some broken bones!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

mmm... so yummy

I made some veggie soup! Like, actually made it!! I used a can of chicken stock, a can of tomatoes, fresh green beans, garlic, yellow squash, carrots, mushrooms and red bell peppers. Oh man, I forgot to put in the spicy chiles I got!! oh well. It's still really yummy.


i have the hiccups. grrs

I hope you die right now, will you drink my chemicals?

Ah, good ole Coheed and Cambria. It's so deliciously violent.

So I meant to call Carina yesterday, but I kinda felt like crap all day yesterday. You know when you can't sleep and you're lying in bed, wide awake and totally exhausted all at once and you're frustrated and annoyed and it's kinda making you feel sick so you sorta have a headache and you're sorta nauseous and there's really nothing you can do about it? That's how I felt ALL DAY yesterday. It was pretty bad. Luckily Matthew was very understanding, so every time I snapped at him he let it slide. He pointed out that I was really too tired to fight anyway. :)

Anyway. So I'll call her today. After work. Which, unfortunately, will likely be around 7 or 8. Ugh. Stupid slow restaurant. On Tuesday I went in at 5, and they phased me at 6:30, made me give away my last table, so I only took 4 tables all night, but then when I was doing my sidework all of the sudden, in like, 20 mins, every single booth and a few tables got sat. So they unphased me so I could pick up 3 tables, one of which had the gm at it. I was happy. Lani, the manager, kept apologizing for making me stay until I finally told her that I was actually more pissed that she was sending me home early, so I was very glad she was keeping me later. Especially when the gm tipped me $29, another table gave me $17, and the other gave me $8. So that's $54. After tipout I walked with $57. So that was good. But tonight I'm going in at 3:30, which means that I'll be the only server on the clock until 5, but I'll probably be phased when the closer gets there at 6.


So I ordered a gazillion crickets the other day, and let all my animals pig out on them. My baby gecko is all fat now. He's so cute. Of course, I have no pictures to show you because, as you all know, I am lazy about pictures, but you could come by and see them yourself. Of course, then you'd have to deal with the disgusting hell hole that is my apartment, but whatever. I did the dishes today. The sink and counter are both still covered in dirty dishes. grrs. Stupid Matthew not ever doing dishes. I also took out an entire bag's worth of trash from the "living room" but you can't tell. Then I got depressed, cuz I just spent like an hour cleaning with NO visible impact, so I did a puzzle.

Wow, my life is exciting.

So since Matthew is on a diet he's been actually cooking a lot more, and luckily he's followed my advice and started to eat a lot more veggies, which means that he's cooking food that I actually like, so that's nice. I mean, I don't really like it, it's bland and boring, but at least it has fresh veggies in it now! And since we're eating way more veggies and way less meat we're not spending nearly as much on groceries, so yay! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fine, here's a new blog.

I know, I know. I've been really bad about updating my blog these days. I keep meaning to write something interesting, thoughtful, and entertaining so I get lots of cool people visiting, but I'm lazy. So I haven't. I also don't have any new pics. Even though I still have lots of Rock Creek pics in my computer, I haven't resized them or anything yet.

So no pics.

And no wonderfully amazing post either. Sorry.

Last week I almost ran over a goat.

But then at the last second it ran away. Which was good. I'd feel bad if I killed a goat.

So I just got back from Sacramento. That was fun. We went out to some fancy pants club (we got on the guest list cuz Carina's friend won a radio contest or something) and had some fancy drinks (with very little alcohol) and then "danced" to some crappy music. I was just proud of myself for actually "dancing" in public. Ok, so it was more like swaying and moving my arms and feet a little, but that's all anyone was doing anyway, cuz they were playing crappy music, and then when Carina tried to request good music they told her no because they don't take requests. Lame-ola.

But that's ok. Then we went to old town, and went out to a very yummy dinner (I got spinach ricotta gnocchi, so yummy) and a few other stores and went to a tea shop and got some yummy tea and played some games (hearts and some other card game, both of which I won, and Scrabble, which I lost, but did better than I ever have, so it's ok), and then I came home. Yup.

Oh, and I got a cool amber ring for $3 cuz it was on sale and then on clearance. The rings were all regularly priced between $30 and $40. :)


Work's going well, except that I'm not getting nearly as many hours as I'd like. I want 25 hours so I can get the good insurance, instead I'm getting closer to 12. Not cool. It's cuz we've been so slow. Everyone's slow right now though, so that sucks.

umm..... Last weekend I went up to Tehachapi for a mini bbq with Dad and Rachel and the kids. That was fun, even though I got there way late (they offered to give me an extra shift; I can't pass that up these days). I spent the night and then me and Rachel and the kids went for a hike in her backyard. I'm very jealous. I want that backyard!!! Supposedly we were going to a creek, but we didn't find one. We found a spring though! And a dead fox! :( The fox was sad. It looked totally healthy and like it was just sleeping, but it wasn't. There wasn't even many bugs or anything around it.

Matthew's building a tv stand for his laptop. Which he uses as a tv. So it works! Yay hooray!!

Yippie skippy!!

God I'm bored.

I don't work until 5 tomorrow. I'm gonna be bored all day. ugh.

I think I'm gonna cancel my WoW subscription. I haven't really been playing lately, and it's expensive, and I don't really have the money for it. So I'm gonna go do that. And then I'm gonna order some crickets for my frogs. I bought some crickets for my gecko today at PetCo, but their small crickets aren't nearly small enough for my frogs. Which is annoying, cuz it means that I have to keep them separate.

Stupid crickets.

Stupid Petco for only having 2 sizes.


I guess that's it. I wont be making it to Tehachapi this weekend for Mom's birthday cuz I have work. So I'll see you all whenever I see you. Is there something planned for Chris' birthday? It seems like there is... hmm.... I'm bad at remembering stuff like that though.

Ok bye now.