Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yup, I'm here.

So since everyone else seems to have a blog here I figured I might as well start one here too. Yay for following trends!!! lol :) Besides, I'm kinda self centered and I figured more people will read my blog if it's here; I'm pretty sure that only Chris and Abby read my myspace. Matthew doesn't even read it. That I like that there's spell check here because I somehow forgot how to spell. I used to be able to, but I guess being out of school for so long took that away.

Speaking of school, I hate my chemistry class, which is too bad because I really do like chemistry, I just don't like my teacher. He does things like take points off because my decimal points aren't big enough. It's gotten to the point where every time I write something down I worry more about my handwriting than whether or not it's actually correct. He also takes points off if you write in pencil, which really doesn't make sense. How can he demand perfect handwriting while also docking you for writing in something that's erasable? grrs.... We just had our first test yesterday, and I think I might have done ok, which is good because my lab grade is pretty bad. Apparently he forgot to put a question on the test and had us write it at the end, and one question had the same answer twice, so that annoyed me. Don't demand perfection from us and then be sloppy with your own work. Whatever, it's only a few months of my life, and then I'll be done.

I really like my ASL class though. Our teacher has been sick so we've had a sub a couple times, and they're both nice and fun. I tend to leave class feeling very drained, because as anyone who's taken a foreign language class knows, having to concentrate that much for the long is hard work. I like it though.

I still don't have a job, which is kinda bad, but I have to admit, I am enjoying it. I really hope I get the job at CALM, but I don't even go in to take the test for another couple of weeks, so it would be at least a month before I start, and I really can't go that long without a job. I'm ok this month because of Papa's money, and Matthew and I have been trying to spend our money a little more wisely, so that's good, but still, I do need a job. After paying bills this month I'll have about $200 left.

So not that anyone cares, but my animals are all doing well! My gecko's light burned out so they had no light yesterday, but that's ok, even in Pakistan it does get cold and overcast occasionally! They were happy when I bought one for them though. I need to set up a new tank for some of my blushings. I have 6 in a 20 gallon, and that's just not big enough, I do have a couple empty tanks though so I can split them up and put 3 in one and 3 in the other and that should be better. There hasn't been any sign of aggression though, so that's good, but still. I also need a new tank for my snake, he's too big for his. He shed the other day (which is how I measure how long he is), and he is now longer than the tank, so yeah. The problem is that big tanks are expensive, and they take up a lot of room, and we don't really have either. Matthew and I spent Sunday driving around looking at apartments, and we did find a couple that we liked, but actually moving is a different story. It costs money, and since I don't have a job we'd have to have my parents cosign and that always sucks, and we're both pretty lazy anyway. Our current apartment just doesn't cut it anymore though; we really do need to move. Blech.


Tahoe was fun, although after spending so much time around kids Matthew keeps freaking out about me being pregnant (I'm not, I promise, nor will I be for a very long time), which is kinda funny. I'm really having to watch myself so I don't say things like "We'll need to make sure our new apartment is big enough for kids too," and "I'm not sure if I should get a job since I wont be able to lift anything heavy in a couple months, and I'll have to take time off anyway." Matthew usually responds by telling me that he's going to punch me in my stomach. lol, we're not a very politically correct couple. (and of course, since you all know Matthew, you all know that he would never, ever, ever do anything violent, so don't go sending me hate mail).

Well, yeah, so here's my first blog, yay! I'm gonna go take out the trash now. There's a bunch of ants getting into it, yuck. They're those bad teeny tiny ants that get everywhere and bite and hurt like hell, so yeah. Bye ants! Bye online world!