Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy list and Annoying list

Things that annoy me-
A girl in my class today was complaining about those morons who drive 25 miles an hour down the freeway when it's so foggy that you can't see 5 feet in front of you, so when she's driving along at 65 she cant stop in time and risks hitting them. I was about ready to call CHP right then and there. Let's see, she acknowledges that it's really foggy, that most people slow down for the fog, and that when she drives 65 she is in danger of hitting them because she cant see them soon enough to stop, and yet, think they're the morons. She also had her license taken away for two years because of excessive tickets (seriously, I've known people to get 5 tickets in a month who didnt have any problems, how many tickets was she getting???), but still insists that she's a good driver.

Speaking of driving, people who drive 30 down Ming and Stockdale. During the day. When it's nice and clear. And the speed limit is 45.

Doctors/techs/nurses who have abhorrent sterile technique. I wont go into more detail here, but yeah, some of the stuff that goes on in OR's is scary.

People who clap their hands and stomp their feet every time they laugh at one of their own jokes.

People who raise their hand after the teacher says "If there's no more questions you can leave now."

Getting up at 4am.

Filling out job applications.

Filling out job applications for a job that will require that I get up at 4am.

Things that make me happy-
Good books!



Cuddly kitties in my lap when it's cold and they're all warm and soft and cute!

First scrubbing a case from start to finish ("first scrub" is the person who set it all up and passed all the instruments), without having the doctor have to ask for a single instrument (it was only a circumcision, which is a pretty easy case, but still!).

Walking into a room when people are not only talking about how well you're doing, but are actually arguing over who noticed it first (this really happened today. Very cool!).

Christmas is 8 days away!

Where am I going for Christmas anyway? Do we know yet?