Sunday, March 30, 2008

mmm... water

So I keep opening this page to post a new blog and then realizing that I really don't know what to write about because it's not as if there's anything at all going on in my life, but whatever. I decided to write an entry anyway. I have been known to write an entry and then delete it (I think Lacey mentioned that she does that too) so we'll see. If you're reading this, then yup, I posted it, and if not, well, you never knew that I was writing this anyway, so it's not like you can know that I deleted it. But that gets entirely too confusing.

So Mom gave me a big pile of books a couple days ago. Easter, actually. Hmm, I guess that was a week ago. Anyway. I finished one, The Good Husband of Zebra Drive, and I'm halfway through another, Everyone Worth Knowing. It's ok I guess. Not really a great work of literature and way too similar to The Devil Wears Prada (hmm, Google thinks that Prada isn't a word, and it's making me capitalize Google), but it's entertaining enough and to be honest I'm kinda bored with watching tv and being on the computer all day. Poor Matthew cuz that means that when he gets home I want to do something, anything with him and all he wants to do is play computer games and watch tv.

Hmm, speaking of Matthew, he just got home and told me that my phone went straight to voicemail, which means that it's probably dead. I wonder where it is.... Maybe my purse? Maybe my backpack? I should probably find that and plug it in...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Keep your fingers crossed for top 3!

So I had my interview at CALM today. Last time I was interviewed by 2 people, one of whom was this old mean guy, but this time there were 3 people and they were all nice. The only problem is that they were running behind with the interviews so I talked to 2 other people who were applying, both of whom were way more qualified than me. I dunno, I mean, it went ok, but like I said, I'm not the most qualified. I made sure to mention that this is what I want to do as my career, and I used lots of phrases that they used on their website (I researched this time!), which they liked a lot, but still. The top three people get a second interview at CALM with the director, so all I really need is to make it to there, and then hopefully. ugh. too stressful!!!


I'm not really in a blogging mood, so I'm gonna go play with my animals, but I knew that everyone was wondering about that (or, at least, I figured some of you would be interested), so yup. There ya go. That's how the interview went. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's just wrong

So I have an embarrassing confession. I really like Miley Cyrus's song "See You Again." Yup. As in, Billy Ray's daughter who plays Hannah Montana. It's a fun song though!! It makes me want to dance! And then hang my head in shame.

Eh, whatever. I'm the first to admit that I sometimes like crappy music. It's like going to the theater to see a movie that you know isn't really good, but will keep you entertained.

That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Matthew should be home soon, which is good. Everyone at the hotel is on vacation, so he's been working 6 days a week instead of 5 and it's killing him. Today was his 7th day straight of working. He's decided that I am amazing for being able to work 6 days a week. Hell, there were times when I worked 11 or 12 days in a row. It never really bothered me though. Whatever. Tomorrow he's staying home all by himself so he has the whole day to relax. Which, of course, means playing on his computer. Oh I need to call Lacey and tell her that I will accept her offer for a ride! ... well... actually... Now that I think about it... I might want to drive... Gas is expensive, but I like the drive up the mountain. Hm, well, we'll see.

So on Monday I'm planning on going to school early so I can talk to a counselor about getting into Bio, and talk to financial aid and see if they can't do something for me, and I really need to figure out what I'm going to do with my parking permit. I swear they intentionally make everything as complicated as possible. I mean, ok, here's what I did. I went online to order a permit, then went to one building at school to pay for it, then went to the security office to give them proof that I paid, then went back online again. And apparently I missed a step because I never got my permit. And then I got a ticket. I tried to contest it, but they denied my appeal. It's just soooo frustrating!!!!!

It's kinda making me lose my mind.

No wonder I suddenly like listening to Hannah Montana.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my brain is turning to goo

I'm bored. Really, really bored. The cats wont go near me anymore because I tried to entertain myself with them and now they all hate me. Bentley weighs 10.5 lbs, Sasha weighs 8 lbs, Fuzzy weighs 8.5 lbs, Cassie weighs a whopping 14 lbs, and I weigh too much to post here. Seriously. I need a job, not having one is making me fat.

Matthew is playing WoW. He got a video card for his computer so he's in his room, and not in here on his laptop.

Bastard. He wont pay attention to me!! AND I"M BORED!!!


So I took my animal keeper test today. There was only 9 people applying, so that's good, last time there was way more. My interview will be on the 28th, but I don't know when. They'll mail me a time. It'll be grand.

So last night I made a roast beef thingie. It was one of those things that's wrapped in paper and you just stick it in the oven all day and then we shredded it and made sandwiches and I grilled some onions and we made some veggies and it was good. Today we had leftovers, so we made burritos. Well, I mean, I made burritos. And then Matthew ate them. So ha! He says I never cook, well, I did! TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!! A ROW PEOPLE!!! It was yummy too!

I've been watching Invader Zim all day. It's very silly.

So tomorrow... I don't have anything planned. Oh! Hey!! Rachel!!! Apparently I don't have your number, um, can I get it? I went to call you about Easter (I'll def be there, Matthew might or might not), but I realized that I don't have your number! I'm sorry, I'm a bad sister in law. :(

Yesterday I misted my frog tank but I didn't feed them which apparently pissed off my male luec cuz he climbed to the top of the tank. It was silly.

I think I'm gonna go bug Matthew some more.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


so it's 12:15 and I finally managed to drag myself out of bed. I need to get a job so I stop doing that, lol. I had a couple little mini interviews yesterday, but then they both told me that they're not hiring. I must admit, I'm starting to get a little nervous. My CALM test is on Wed though, so I'm praying that I do well on that.

I have a roast in the oven right now. I bet you never expected me to say that! Hopefully it turns out ok....

You know what the best thing is? When it's the middle of the night and you're thirsty and you grab some water... Is it just me or does it always taste really good to you too? It tastes sweet... I love it.

Of course, then the worst thing is when you're happily lying in bed in the middle of the night and you get an itch on your leg and you go to scratch it and there's something there!!!!! I couldn't even turn the light on to see what it was or anything because then I'd wake up Matthew and his alarm was going to go off in like 20 mins, and that's really annoying to wake up 20 mins before your alarm goes off. That's just enough time to get all sleepy again.

I never did find out what it was.

Knowing my apartment it was probably a roach.

Or a spider.

I mean, um, it was a piece of fuzz. Yup, just a little furry fuzzball. Not a spider or anything. Nope nope nope! Just a little fuzzy.... really. it was.


Matthew got a package today that I put on the bed and all the cats jumped up to sniff it. Sasha, of course, jumped on it. And then got mad at Fuzzy for being there. And completely ignored Cassie despite her desperatly trying to get Sasha's attention. It was kinda funny. I took pictures with my phone, yay! That's all that's on my phone. Just pictures of my cats and frogs, and one of my late crested gecko, Russia. May she rest in peace.

I think maybe I write too much here. I mean, no one really cares, because, well, none of this is actually interesting, and since I'm too lazy to post pictures (it just takes FOREVER for them to dl from my camera to my computer, and then to resize them, otherwise I might) so it's just like a big long rambling block of writing. I wouldn't read it. I hate big long blogs that don't even have pictures. At least I use paragraphs though. That's good, right?

Alright, well, I'm gonna go play some WoW. Good times.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

wow, 2 entries in one hour!

YAY!!!! I finally got through darden's idiotic computer system for my W2! And it turns out, I have to go online to get it!! Whatever, I have it now, so I can do my taxes, and get some money. And if I owe the IRS money, I am going to be pissed!


You know none of my frogs actually say "ribbit," most of them chirp, they sound more like crickets or birds than frogs. In fact, once there was a loose cricket in the frog room, and the frogs heard it and all started calling. Silly frogs. Well, ok, so the mantella expectatas (yellow body, blue legs) started calling, and then the blushings started calling, and then the pulchras, and then the leucs, but yeah.


So Morro Bay was fun! Matthew brother is a cool guy and an amazingly good cook, so I ate very well. We had prime rib the first night and stayed for ribs the second night, which meant that we didn't get home until almost midnight. Then poor Matthew had to get up at 5 to go to work the next day. Pobrecito!! :) But yeah. And Matthew's brother's (Anthony is his name by the way) wife, Ashley, is super cool. I like her a lot. Most of the time I was there I was playing card games with Matthew's brother in laws (Rachel's husband Steve, and Jennifer's husband Andrew (isn't it funny that we both have a Rachel and Jennifer in our family?(You know..... if me and Matthew were to get married... I'd have to sister in laws named Rachel!(it's a good thing Matthew doesn't read this...)))


Anthony made Matthew make me what turned out to be the best sandwich I've ever had. He sauted leftover prime rib with the leftover zuccini (apparently Anthony thought it was weird to put the veggies in it, but Matthew knows me and told him that I like my food all mixed together, lol) with swiss cheese that he melted in the pan he used to saute everything in.... Oh man, that thing was amazing. I even had some horseradish to dip it in. mmmmm.....

That's weird, Google doesn't think that saute is a word. I know it's not an English word, but it's one that we use often enough, besides, there's no other word for it! sheesh.

Last night Anthony and Ashely came into Bakersfield so they could see his mom (she would kill them if they came to CA and didn't visit her) and they took us out to Tahoe Joe's. I was kinda pissed cuz right after one of the managers told me that they weren't hiring, they hired another girl from OG, Niki. I love Niki, mind you, she was one of my favorite people there, but still! So I think I'm going to apply there anyway, even though the one told me not to. Lame.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna try to get in touch with Darden about my W2.

Oh! And it's so fun how before I went to Morro bay I'd only had one other person read this, and then when I came back it'd been added to Mom's list, so everyone read it! yay! How fun!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Morro Bay, yay...

So in about an hour I'm leaving with Matthew to go to Morro Bay. His brother decided last time he was here that he didn't feel like coming to Bakersfield anymore, so the next time he's visiting CA he's going to go somewhere he wants, and we can all go see him. So he's in Morro Bay. I just realized that all my cute clothes (clothes that actually fit me) are dirty, so I'm trying to do a quick load. That can be tricky in these apartments though as half the dryers don't really work too well, so sometimes it takes at least an hour to dry. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

So yeah, I'm kinda nervous. I've only ever really met his brother once, and that was for a wedding, so everyone was a little distracted, and then when just the 4 of us (me, Matthew, his brother, his brother's wife) hung out for a bit, we were all a bit tipsy. Well, except Matthew of course. But yeah. Matthew didn't even ask me if I wanted to come until last night. Actually even then, I had to bring it up. I think it just didn't occur to him. So then he had to think about it. Me being there might make it a little more stressful for him, since, well, everything is stressful to him, but he did eventually decide that he wants me to come, and that he's going to try to get off work early today. It's fitting that the first Sat he's worked in months has been when his brother is here.

I still haven't managed to get a copy of my W2. It's really pissing me off. That's kinda an important document, and well, like I said, I really need a refund. My test for the CALM job is coming up soon though!! yay!!

Yesterday I remembered (for some random reason) that I probably have cd's in my cd player, which I haven't even plugged in since we moved here over a year ago. So I plugged it in and found 3 cds and put them on my computer. I'm listening to Finch now, which is really bringing back memories. The last time I listened to this cd regularly was when I got it, in TN. It's so weird, I hear this song and I can taste the humid, Southern air and feel the gravel under my tires as I pull into Russell's driveway.... TN really didn't work out well for me, but there were good parts to it. I know Matthew doesn't like it that I still occasionally talk to Russell. The thing is though, we made good friends. We were not good together as boyfriend and girlfriend, but he was a good friend, and I miss that. I remember going to a blues concert with him in some little tiny smoky bar and hearing him do his hardcore blues singing. :) That was fun.


I do want to go back. I think it would be good for Matthew too, not only to go back and face his least favorite place on the planet, but also to see John Paul. I know he really misses him, and it'd be good for him to be around one of his best friends.

Besides, I really like driving long distances! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have an interview set up for Monday at the Outback. It's just one of those open interview things, and they haven't even looked at my app yet, but they know I'm coming in, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I've called the number that OG gave me to get a new W2(I lost mine) about 7 or 8 times so far, and their computer system is horrible, it keeps having "system errors" and hanging up on me, or just not doing anything after I enter my ssn (it's supposed to then ask me for my pin). It's very frustrating. I think I'm just going to call Darden directly and try to talk to an actual person. I could really use my refund right about now....

I have to go to an ASL event in an hour. I'm pretty nervous. For some reason I had a mild panic attack in the middle of class last night. I don't know why, I felt fine and then all of the sudden I felt dizzy and my hands started tingling and my heart started pounding. Luckily it wasn't a bad one and I felt better within about a half an hour, and most of that time we were playing a game so I didn't have to be paying attention. Still though, it makes me nervous! I don't want to go to this pizza party and then freak out. I have to have at least 15 hours of deaf community events though. I'll go, see how I do, and if I just can't do it I'll see if I can't work something out with my teacher. Stupid crazy brain!!

I really hope I get the job at CALM. That would make my life so much easier, lol. I need a job and it would be awesome to have one that I actually enjoy and that has some advancement potential. Being a server pays the bills, but it's not exactly what I want to do with my life.


Monday, March 3, 2008

It's all very complicated

So I've been trying to decide what I want to do with my life. I like the idea of zoo keeping, or something alone those lines, but those jobs all require degrees, and I just don't do well in school. At least, I don't do well in school unless I'm on my meds and I can't afford them right now. I'm dropping out of my chem class because I just can't seem to pull it all together to pass the class. I do ok enough on the tests, but the teacher is kinda unorganized, which is bad because I'm really unorganized, so I keep forgetting about homework and lab reports and when are they do? And yeah. It'll be the third time I've tried to take chemistry. I did pass it last time, but I failed all my other classes (this was in TN when I wasn't really eating much and that makes it kinda hard to concentrate (I loved being skinny though)) so I can't let anyone see those transcripts. I looked up how to get an AS in bio from BC, and that seems easy enough, and doesn't require chem, so we'll see.

Or I might just say FUCK IT and get a job with Hall and be an emt and then a paramedic. It's certainly not the most glamorous career, but it'd work, I think. And I can always work with animals in my own home, like I'm doing now.

Speaking of which, all my frogs have been calling a lot lately, which is fun. It's the first time I've heard a couple of them too. I'm hoping to actually get some eggs from them.

Oh yeah! I was making some new fruit fly cultures, and they're probably cooled down enough to add the flies, so I'm gonna go do that. I may add another post later though.... We'll just have to see.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Carrizo Plains

Yeah so I made Matthew take me to the Carrizo plains today. It was fun! The trail to the painted rock is closed from March to July, but we found a couple good hills to climb all over, so that was good. Matthew said that he'd always been curious about the salt lakes and what they actually are up close (you can't really see from pictures), so we checked out those, and that was good. It was a little chilly though, so not many animals were out. Matthew saw the only rabbit, and we saw a couple squirrels. I'm just proud of him for leaving Bakersfield.

We finally spent the $100 store credit that we had at Bed, Bath and Beyond too. We ended up getting some pillows (body pillow for me, back rest thingie for Matthew), a little zen fountain, a cool measuring spoon, some socks.... some candy.... I think I'm forgetting something. We sorta started getting on each other's nerves cuz we're both tired, but we're good about realizing that so we can stop doing whatever it is that we're doing. I think that's a good thing. We've avoided arguments that way, and we're usually able to just stop and breathe for a second so we don't actually get mad at the other person. Well, unless he did something wrong, in which case all bets are off! :)

This is a boring blog, I'm sorry, I'm tired.

I got a new shirt the other day. We went to the mall and I got a shirt for $5! It was awesome, and Matthew even paid for it, how sweet. He got some sunglasses (that look very sexy on him) and a wallet.

Not that anyone cares about that

Not that anyone is reading this anyway.


Yay! Our new fountain is all set up. I like it. I wonder if I can put it in a frog tank....

Ok, well, I think I'm gonna go play some WOW. Good times to be had by all I say! Yes yes. I say a lot of stuff. Usually it's not all that interesting or it doesn't make any sense.

Hey does anyone want to give me a job?