Monday, January 25, 2010

Why do drugs when you can get contacts?

So I finally got some contacts, yay! Sorta anyway. I just got a trial pair to make sure that these will work for me. I haven't worn any in forever though, so everything is all warped and my eyes are having to relearn how to focus on stuff with contacts in. I'll be able to see normally in an hour or so though. I hope.... If not, I'll get a different trial pair! Woo! :)

I did my taxes today. I'm getting just over $1,000, which is good. I'm quite pleased. That money will pay off one of my credit cards (I have three, terrible, I know), pay off the school (not completely, just pay the past due bills, ugh), and I'm thinking an iphone. Not to use as a phone, mind you, but to use as an ipod.

My snake is better. His skin still looks pretty bad, but it will until he sheds a few times. There's no new dead scales though, and he's being way more active. At least, as active as kingsnakes are supposed to be. Which isnt very. But sometimes when I come home from work he's in a different spot, so thats good. :)

I got 6 free samples of nescafe taster's choice instant coffee in the mail yesterday. That was fun! Although I greatly prefer real coffee, having some instant lying around is nice. Although one of these is decaf, and seriously, what is the point of that? Doesnt coffee make good fertilizer? Maybe I'll toss it in my herbs that I grow... (and yes, I mean actual herbs (cilantro, parsley, and basil, so don't go accusing me of growing weed)

Blah. I have to go to class in an hour. I've had three people ask me to pick up their shift at work today. Too bad I cant. I could use the money since I've been sick and missed Fri and Sat. Oh well.

Ew. I burped and it tasted like Del Taco.

And I think I'll end on that note.

Yup. Bye!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poor Simon!!

I think my snake my have scale rot, which sucks, cuz that means I have to pay for a vet. The good thing is that the only decent herp vet in town works at a 24 hour hospital, so I was able to schedule an appt for early monday morning. I might be late to work, but that's ok. This week when I worked the opening shift it only took me 30 mins to do all my opening stuff, and I had an hour to do it in, so I don't think they'll care if I show up 30 mins late. Obviously I'll ask them, but yeah. Ugh. I just hope it's something easy to treat, I don't like that my snake is sick!!!

I also need to see an eye doctor. Which is tricky given my schedule. But I really need new glasses/contacts. Probably contacts and then I'll have these glasses as an emergency back up.

I have no beer in my fridge. It kinda makes me sad.

I finish school on March 4. THANK GOD!!!! I miss having free time. And not having to deal with complete idiots wasting my time all day.