Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!

Oh yeah, the other thing I was going to post!  I weighed myself this morning and yay!  I weigh more than I ever have before!  :-/  It's a weird feeling.  Hard not to go running straight for the stationary bike and peddle like my life depends on it.  Especially because I know I still need to gain another 15-20 pounds.  As long as it's mostly just my stomach (well, uterus, but yeah) and hips, that's ok, but I don't want to get flabby arms and legs!  I just keep reminding myself that it's all for baby, and that as long as I stay active and eat well, I shouldn't have too much trouble losing the extra pounds.  Maybe I should stop making so many cookies though...  And I might not have needed all that 75% off Christmas candy, but it was so cheap!  Milky Way snowmen!  Lindt chocolate bears!  M&M's that are just regular M&Ms except with festive packaging!  All so cheap!  And yummy!  And I had to eat that leftover pie before it went bad!  I'm only about 6-7 pounds more than I was when I got pregnant, but  I did lose several pounds during those first few months, so really I've gained over 10 pounds in the past month, which is more than I should have.  Maybe it's time to go walk to the mailbox....  and maybe I should get there by going down the beach and all the way around the neighborhood....

New Years festivities, vacations, vacuums, and probably not poisonous mushrooms

I keep trying to post on facebook, but then realize that I have a whole paragraph, so I figured maybe facebook isn't actually the best spot for my thoughts, because apparently, I have many, many thoughts.  What can I say?  I'm a thoughtful person (that's totally what thoughtful means, right?).

So, thought number one- Holy crap people here get really excited about New Years!!  I have never heard such a loud, sustained celebration as I did last night.  People were literally running up and down the streets screaming at the top of their lungs.  Kids were setting off poppers and those little fireworks that you just put on the ground (you know what I'm talking about, right?  The kind that you just light and then a bunch of lights shoots up a few feet?  Not like real fireworks... hm.) from about 9am until 1am, and no, that's not a typo.  They didn't wait for it to get dark to start lighting stuff on fire.  We could hear all the really big explosions from the resorts all night, several of which actually shook our house.  Luckily, the cats handled it a lot better than I thought they would.  They didnt really like all the loud noises, but they were so happy that my parents were gone that they didn't mind too much.

And that brings me to thought number two!  All last week my parents were here.  It was pretty great, cuz it was a nice vacation for us as well as for them.  We got to do all kinds of fun stuff, like checking out the huge waves in the North Shore and watching the surfers and boogie boarders (the boogie boarders looked like they were having waaaaayyyy more fun), snorkeling out in K-Bay, whale watching at Kaena Point, we even managed to sneak a luau in there.  I don't think we did a very good job of showing why we don't like it here, but that's ok.  That wasn't really the point, after all.

We just ordered a new vacuum!  We only had the little electric one, and that wasn't really doing it's job. We needed a sucky vacuum! We'd been looking at them for awhile, but didn't really want to spend all the money on a nice one yet (seriously, nice vacuums are way more expensive than I'd realized.  actually, pretty much everything in life is more expensive than I'd thought...), but then we saw the Dyson Animal on Bestbuy for $270 off.  I hate to plug a big retailer like that, especially one as annoying as Best Buy, but they had the same one for sale at the Nex and it was still $100 more.  That's some pretty exciting savings!  And even without having to pay all the insane hospital and doctor fees, having a baby is expensive!  Right now we have the stroller, the adapter for the car seat to fit in the stroller (although we dont have the car seat yet, we can only get a few certain kinds, and they were out), a breast pump, a changing table, a rocking sleeper thingie, and a handful of clothes.  We dont have any onesies, or diapers, or a crib, or a dresser, or bedding, or....  I dunno, what else do we need?  Gates...  I know we need gates to block off the areas we don't want the kid going.  Like the wine racks.  Also, I need a new computer (not everything is about the baby).  It's a good thing that my wonderful husband is about to get a raise!  Is it too early for me to be thinking about going back to work?  We were talking about setting up something for a college fund, and then of course started talking about things like retirement, and we're gonna need a down payment for a house and the car needs some body work and eek!

Next week is my last week of my second trimester.  We're about to be completely responsible for a tiny human's life.  Scary.

In a couple weeks we have our site leader training class for a whale watching thing we're doing.  We wont be going out onto a boat, just watching from shore, but we'll have about 20 people or so that we'll be leading to help us write down when we see the whales, what they're doing, how many they are, etc.  Should be fun.  Then after that I want to do a turtle thing, where to write down all of the above, and also just hang out at the beach answering questions and talking to tourists.  With the sudden life change that's about to happen, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to do that, but they said they only ask that you volunteer once or twice a month, which should be doable.  And after you prove that you actually are going to show up, they give you a bunch of books on sea turtles, which sounds pretty dang good to me!  I'll just need to figure out what to do with the baby while I'm out there....  Hmm.

We have a crazy mushroom growing in the backyard, and I'm pretty sure it's one of the really yummy good to eat kinds (based on my mushroom ID book, and the internet), but I'm still not going to actually try it.  I should take some pics though... It's pretty cool looking.