Friday, May 30, 2008

The story of a box.

Once upon a time, a few months ago, Matthew bought a large box of Dr. Pepper. Shortly after, he was told that he's not supposed to drink caffiene. Very sad. So the box sat, slowly being emptied as Susie occasionally drank some, and Matthew occasionally broke the rules. About a week ago the last one was drank. But, alas, Matthew and Susie and lazy, and the box sat there in the "dining room" empty because neither of them bothered to take it out to the trash. And here it sits, alone, forgotten, having served its purpose.

But wait!! Look a little closer!! It looks like there might be more to this box than previously though!

Is that... a nose? Could that... be fur? Let's investigate further....

Look! New life! The box that was so forgotten about that it couldn't even be discarded is now home to an indigenous species, Sashathecat, commonly referred to as, GETOUTOFTHEWINDOWBADKITTY!!!! or simply, BADKITTY.

And that, dear friends, is the story of the box.

Now here's a tadpole with tiny little back legs.

Do you have a good story?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

fucking hell

cpk didnt call. ugh.

So proud!!

Ok, apparently putting up old pics of me when I had short hair was just confusing everyone (which I can understand, I am known to suddenly cut my hair off, and I didn't actually say that those were old pics) so I took a new one, yay!! It's just me in me pjs, although I did put on a bra and brush my hair for the occasion. I haven't actually showered yet, but eh. I'm ok with that. :)

Yup, so that's me. I'm 25 years and 1 day old. It's about 11:15 and I took this about 10 mins ago. Yup.

I have my phone with me in case CPK calls (why haven't they called yet?????) and everytime the screen gets all weird (which it does whenever my phone picks up a signal, so basically whenever anyone in the complex gets a call) I get all hopeful, but then all disappointed when my phone doesn't start ringing. *sighs*

I tried to get a pic of my tadpoles with their legs, but they were being too shy. Maybe later today when they've woken up a bit more.

And I don't feel like coming up with a question, so how about this- you come up with one and answer it! Yay! And then I'll respond and answer too! Yay!!! So fun.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So my turtle tank had a nice algae bloom or something, because in the last 3 days or so the water has turned a dark olive green and you couldn't see through it at all. So I got to spend an hour and a half or so cleaning it and changing the water and all that. It was gross. And the water is still green, but at least now it's clear. I need to find another power strip so I can plug in both filters. And I'll probably have to change the water again tomorrow. Gross.

Today is my birthday, yay!! I'm just really really reallyreallyreallyreally hoping that CPK calls to give me an interview. I need a job.

I'm sad because I drank my last espresso double shot (you know, they're from starbucks, they come in little cans, good stuff!) a couple days ago and dammit!! I want one now!!


My tadpoles have legs now! Well, some of them. And the legs are tiny, but I did see one using them when he was swimming, so that was cool. When I told Matthew he actually asked to see them, which was very sweet, and when he did he was like "Oh my God those tadpoles are HUGE!!!" It was funny. I guess he hadn't looked at them since they hatched. They are huge too! Their bodies are as big as my frog's bodies, and then they have a tail, which makes them look even huger! I wonder when they'll start to get color....


I guess that's about it for now.

So! What's your favorite animal?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

yup, it sure is

Today is May 27th, 2008.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

So, we're all going out to eat.

Where should we go? What's your favorite restaurant?

Friday, May 23, 2008

blah blah blah i'm bored

The thing is, I only play WoW so much because I'm bored and it's really good for killing big chunks of time. Well, unless you have to fly somewhere far away, cuz that can take like 15 minutes, which is a long time to be staring at a screen, unable to do anything. I use that time to feed my animals or read. I just finished the conversation between Lederman and Democritus.

Anyway. Matthew came home yesterday at 3, promptly fell asleep (after telling me that it's my night to make dinner) and didn't wake up until 11. Then he stayed up all night. Now he's trying to keep himself awake (by playing WoW actually) so that tonight he actually will be able to sleep. I tried to wake him up a few times because I knew that that would happen, but he wouldn't let me. Crazy sleepy boy.

I have a cool new tattoo on my shoulder! I'll show everyone tomorrow, it's awesome. It looked better the first day I got it, but still.

It's Friday, so no applying for jobs today. On Monday I need to call Elephant Bar.


I shaved my legs today. It's quite an event, seeing as how it's probably been 3 or 4 months. We'll see how much I regret it tonight when they wont stop itching and I just want to kill myself, or at least, skin myself.

Stupid allergies.

Why can't they just make razors that don't have metal? They make ceramic knives, where's my ceramic razor dammit?!

eh, whatever.

I'm kinda running out of pictures to post. I mean, I still have a zillion of my animals, but I only have a couple of people.

Hmm, here's a cute pic of me in Tahoe!

It was snowing.

Oh! These kinds of pics are always fun. I mean, who hasn't taken a picture of themselves in the mirror?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Smart and Witty blog

Ok, it's not really, so whatever, I'm a liar. Get over it.

I keep trying to turn in an application at Elephant Bar (I've done one online, but not in person yet) and they keep telling me to come back tomorrow. It's getting kinda annoying. I guess it's worth it if they give me a job, but if not then they're just taking away time that I could be using at someplace that's actually going to hire me. I guess CPK is desperate for servers right now, so I applied there, but it was one of those group interviews, so I don't know how well I did. She said that if they liked me I'll get a call in a couple days. Since I was the only one with experience (and that was the second question, after "What's your name and what are you applying for?" so I'm assuming that that's important) I'm hopeful. Well, kinda. It's hard to be hopeful after this long, which sux because I like being an optimistic type of person, but that's getting to be really difficult.

Although Matthew did find my gecko. That was pretty amazing. The thing that you guys have to understand is that she was lost in his room. His room only has about 2 square feet of floor, the rest is taken up by his bed, cloths, trash, my old bunk bed, and all sorts of junk. So there were TONS of places a little 3 inch long gecko could hide.

Apparently at SJVC at 2.5 high school GPA is good. lol. When I gave her my transcript I said that I was sorry because I know I don't have the best looking transcript (sorry to be redundant) and she was like "No, no! This is good! You're one of the strongest candidates we've had!" Which makes me a little concerned. Oh! Mom! I asked her what the success rate is for people in that program who get a job, and it was 94% last year, so that's good. :)

Although I'd probably be that 6%.


Anyhow. There was something that I wanted to talk about it here....



Crap, I can't remember. Oh well.

Here's Matthew camping!

He wasn't very happy.

He doesn't like camping.

Now... Let's see... What question can I think of?

Oh! I know! What's your most favorite game? I like games! Me and Matthew played Monopoly a couple times, but then he wouldn't play anymore (this is over 2 weeks btw, we didnt sit down and play for hours or anything) so then I played against myself. And I LOST! I was pissed. Matthew says there's something wrong me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Matthew is a hero!!!

He found my gecko today!! Well, ok, Sasha did first, but he realized that she was all freaked out because there must be a gecko! See, she would not stop sniffing and batting underneath the bed, even when he slammed his hands down on it, which normally scares the kitties and makes them run, but she didn't run!! And then when he picked her up her eyes were all big and excited!! So he looked, and he saw a gecko! Yay!!!! She's really skinny, but when I put her in the tank with a couple crickets she immediately ate one. I purposefully didn't put many in there, because I don't want her to gorge and get sick, but yeah! Yay! I thought she was dead! She lasted over 2 weeks, I don't know if that's because she was eating roaches and earwigs, or because she was nice and fat and healthy when she escaped, but Matthew is a hero.


So when was the last time you were a hero?

Saturday, May 17, 2008


oops! I somehow posted this without actually writing anything yet. Silly me.

So yeah. Last night I didn't end up doing anything. Me and Matthew made dinner, and then he went to sleep. It was only 8, but I guess he was tired or something? grrs to him! So then I was bored. And I played a lot of WoW, because, well, what else am I supposed to do?

Did I mention last time that I used the card reader that Matthew bought me finally? It was awesome. It used to take a couple minutes per picture to download from my camera to the computer, now it's like a couple seconds. Much better. So no I don't have an excuse. Well, except for laziness. Which is my excuse for not having taken any new pics today.

I've decided that it's fun clicking on "next blog" to see what comes up. It's mostly either baby pictures, clothing stores or photographers who aren't very good, but there are a few interesting ones that pop up. I was looking at one from Tanzania or something that was written by a middle class father and was just about what was going on in his life. It was written half in English, which was kinda funny. Some neat pics though. Just regular ones of his family or whatever, but it's all so different that the regular pictures of American families, so yeah. It makes me want to travel again.

Which brings me to today's question! Where would you most like to visit? (and if you say Iceland, all you bastards who are going to Iceland without me, I will cry. and then kill you. Well, ok, maybe not kill you, but I will be sad, because I want to go too!!!!!)



I don't know what that light switch ever did to Sasha, but this was before she was fixed, so she was kinda nuts. Note how fluffed out her tail is.

Friday, May 16, 2008

yay, tadpole pictures

If you want to see more pics of my tadpoles, scroll through the newer posts, there's more pics. Also, if you're interested in dart or mantella frogs, check out and There's tons of great pictures, lots of great info, and everyone is helpful and excited as you are. And leave a comment on my blog! I like comments.

So everyone online has been bugging me for pictures of my tadpoles, and I know that you guys don't particularly care, but I need to post them online somewhere before I can put them on the message board I go to (my thread about these guys is 3 pages long! it's even flagged as being one of the most visited threads, woo! go me!) so you can just deal with it! ha! Well, I suppose you could look at the pics if you wanted to. I went with a more natural set up because I read somewhere that that's better, but most people don't do it that way. Most people don't have any sand or anything. *shrug* Oh, and sorry for the crappy quality, I never did figure out how to use my camera. :)

side view-

top view-

tadpole! (if you want to see it you'll probably have to actually click on it, otherwise it's kinda hard to tell unless you know what to look for) and tadpole food!

Yay! Wasn't that so exciting?

In other news, no comments make me sad. So I decided that I'm gonna start ending my posts with a question, and you'd better answer! After all, I can see who visited, so I'll know if you don't answer! Well, ok, I can't see who visited, but since I only know one person from Reno, and Camarillo, and Washington, etc, I have a pretty good guess!

Hmm... question... Well, it's Friday, and I have no plans, so! What fun things do you like to do on Friday nights?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ha! I totally posted this with no title, silly me

I wake up at around 11 every morning. I take a shower at around 12, then eat. At around 1 or 2 I start my job hunt, either in person or online. If I go in person I usually get back at around 4. If I do it online I usually finish a little sooner. Matthew comes home at around 3:30 or 4. We talk a bit, "how was your day?" etc, and then he goes and plays online, and I watch some tv. By 6 I'm in his room complaining that I'm hungry and asking what he wants to do about dinner. We eventually eat at around 8, by which time I'm not very hungry anymore because I've been snacking. Then we hang out in my room and watch more tv and go to bed.

My life is very depressing right now.


So I registered for some classes at BC today. I probably wont be going, but just in case I want to make sure that I am enrolled. I signed up for biology and digital photography. I'm kinda sad now because those are two classes that I actually want to take.

We'll see how it plays out I guess.

I also emailed my ethics professor from last semester about giving me a letter of recommendation for SJVC. I don't know if he'll remember me enough to do it, but I'm hoping he does. I was active in class discussions and I got an A. Teachers usually remember students like that, right?

That's about it.

I want to go camping.

That's in Peru. I don't need to go to Peru again, but still. I want to go somewhere.

This is a little more local. Very pretty, I think.

And this is just a cute baby. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

I might think of a title later

Or I might not. We'll just have to see.

And if the above statement made no sense it's because as of me typing this the title is "I might think of a title later," and I guess I did.

But I'm still thinking that I wont, and then the above explanation will have been all for nothing.


So Mother's Day was ok for me. We went out to Mexicali's and I just got an enchilada and coffee and it was all fine. They were really empty though, which is weird. When we walked in at 6 there was no wait at all. We had a reservation, but they could've seated us all right away anyway. Despite how slow they were, the service still wasn't great, but we tipped well because Matthew's mom was making very annoying jokes like "Ha, there goes your tip!" and when asked if we need anything else "I need some money! Go get me that!" to which the server laughed graciously and very smoothly snuck away. ugh. To be fair, those kind of jokes only irritate me because I heard them sooooo often. Trust me people, when you make really bad jokes like that to your server, they are not laughing with you. They are laughing at you and trying really hard to not be rude. So just don't do it, K? K.

Then we went and hung out at Matthew's sister's house. I guess one of his sisters is having a bit of a fight with his mom, so she didn't join us at all, which was too bad. I was surprised because Matthew's mom actually brought up my frogs at one point and listened and seemed interested in what I was saying. I know she really doesn't care about it, but it was nice of her to pretend. :) I tried to keep it short and not use any technical terms.

So I gave in an ordered crickets online today. They're way cheaper that way, sorta. The shipping costs a lot (like $20) and there's usually plenty of dead ones when they do arrive, but I ordered 1,000 and as long as I use at least 400-500 I should still be saving money. And I'm excited because I got a cricket funnel, which I had been wanting for a long time. I don't mind touching the crickets with my hands, but when I had to feed several of them at one time, it's just quicker to be able to scoop them up. (A cricket funnel has a square top so you can scrape the bottom and sides, and a little vial at the end to collect them all in)

Anywho, I think that's about it for today.

Well, except for this picture!

Aww, two little babies getting to know each other!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

um, i dont think so

So I was browsing Netflix today and saw a bunch of work out videos and I thought to myself "Hey, I could use a work out," so I picked one. And then I realized that I had no room to do it, so I was like "Ok fine. I'll clean my room." I didn't really get very far with that, though. I did pick up the trash and recyclables and cleared out a big enough space for me, but then I realized that I needed to vacuum. So fine. I vacuumed that little section. Whatever. So then I tried to find my pants. Aw crap, they're in the pee smelling corner. Fine. No pants! So I try to find my sports bra. I think it might be at the bottom of the laundry basket. FINE! So I start the video. It's supposed to be a beginners video. And I can't keep up with half of what they're doing and there's a bunch of yoga stuff and she's talking about "keep your core strong" or something and I don't even know what that means, but I'm trying, and getting a bit of a work out and stretching and all that, and then she has us lay down. And I smell the carpet. Apparently the pee corner has grown. So I gave up and took a shower.

It's all Fuzzy's fault. We've only been able to catch her once and we've tried to clean everything over there, but within a day or so it'll be back to smelling bad. It's a good thing I have such a bad sense of smell, and that Matthew would never go over there anyway. We're gonna have fun trying to get rid of the smell when we move. If we ever move.

Speaking of which, we really need to move. I hate this place.

So now I'm watching Mean Girls. Hey! It's been a rough day!

Oh, and I called Macaroni Grill. See, they told me that the hiring manager gets there at 8, but apparently the training manager doesn't get there until 3 and she's the one I need to talk to.

Whatever. I'll call tomorrow! Oh yeah! I need to call THS.

This movie is dumb. I find it impossible to believe that someone as pretty as Lindsay Lohan (in the movie you can't see the effects of drugs and alcohol, so she still looks cute) wouldn't be instantly popular. But then, I didnt chose this movie to watch something good. I was kinda in the mood for corny.

Anywho. I'm gonna enjoy my movie now.

ANd I'm too lazy to post pics today.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

yay i'm a genious

wait, did I spell genious right? Hmm... Apparently not.

Well, so maybe I'm not really a genius. But I took a big huge long test today at SJVC and did very well. I only got a 90% non verbal (it's all the spatial stuff, like matching triangles that were rotated and the colors switched and all, and I suck at that), and 95% on spelling, but 98-99% on everything else, which is cool. The admissions chick who I've been talking to was REALLY excited. It was kinda funny. She's the one who is the mother of 2 guys who worked at OG.

So there's that.

I called Macaroni Grill today, but the hiring manager wasn't there. I'll call again tomorrow morning. And then I think I'll go up to Tehachapi (unless I have to go in for another interview, which would be good) to get my unofficial h.s. transcript.

And I never did get around to cleaning the pet area the other day. I think I need Matthew's help because he wants certain tanks moved and it's some of his furniture, and well, I'm apparently not very good at spatial stuff, so yeah!

And speaking of which, my tadpoles are doing good. They're eating a LOT. I don't know if they're supposed to... I'm sorta assuming they are. Generally with young growing animals the rule is pretty much to give them as much as they'll eat.

I'm just really hoping they don't get SLS (where the front limbs don't develop properly and I'd have to euthanize them so they don't slowly starve to death).

Sasha was begging for food, but she fell asleep. It's very cute. We ran out of dry food, and they don't really like the wet food, so I'm only giving them a little bit of it because otherwise it'll sit there stinking for the next several hours.

Someone online got a fennec fox. I'm so jealous.

Oh, I remembered that because I typed "several" which reminded me of serval cats, and yeah.

But yeah. I really want a fox. Like, I think I'd be willing to sell all my frogs to get one. I've always loved foxes. That's why I want a shiba inu! They look like foxes! I wonder if I could get one and then convince Matthew that it's really just a small dog with big ears...

Oh! Random short story time!

Last night we opened up the freezer door and a bandaid fell out. It was kind awesome. We have no idea how it got in there. It was all cold. :)

Look! It's Dakota!

So I have no idea when this picture was taken, but it was on my computer, so here ya go.

I think next time I'll put some pictures of my mantellas, because I know that secretly you all really care about my frogs.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

unbelievable, I know

Somehow when I was listing all the stuff I did yesterday I forgot to mention something! The search for shoes (which, btw, started because I got a huge blister on my foot cuz the inside of the back of the shoes is all torn up) led to me cleaning the closet! I found clothes I forgot existed! It was grand fun.

Ok, not really, but it does look a million times better now.

And I did find my other shoe. It was in the other closet, which is too scary to tackle now.

I think today I'm gonna clean out the animal area. Now that all the cans are gone it should be a lot easier.

Oh shit!

Dammit! I forgot I was supposed to meet with SJVC today! Argh, I can't believe I forgot. I think I should call them...

*sigh* my phone's dead.

So I read Gita's post about Casey and Oliver and read the whole thing as "Ceaser" and "Olivia." I was very confused.

Look! It's Cassie and Sasha in a ball!

Cassie's too big to fit in it now, but Sasha still loves it in there. :)

Matthew doesn't like camping.

And it's a good thing he doesn't read this because he'd be pissed that I put a picture of him up here. He was mad that I even took this picture. Come on though, we've been together for over 2 years and I only have like 10 pictures of him, and 8 were probably taken by Lacey.

Hey SJVC called! So I'm going in there in a couple hours. I have to do some testing. So I'm going to review some math stuff because I have no idea how to do any of that anymore.

Monday, May 5, 2008

busy as a beaver!

So today I went to CSUB for a transcript (which required 2 different offices in 2 different buildings), BC for a transcript, took the cans in to recycling ($29.27), bought a new light bulb for my 2 geckos (one is missing!!!! I don't know where she is and I'm really hoping I (or the cats) find her (if the cats find it hopefully I notice before they eat her)), talked to SJVC, tried to find a new pair of shoes to wear (I have several new pairs in my closet that I never wear, so I just went shopping in there, I found one, but I can't find the match), and somehow managed to find time to eat a little and watch a little tv.

Sadly, I still have no job.

I really hope I find my gecko. I still have a male and a female, but still. I liked her! It's the darker one that's missing, and I do like the lighter one better, but still! It makes me sad to think that she might starve to death lost in Matthew's room.

This is my male when he was 8 weeks old next to a dime.

aaaawwww.... So cute and tiny!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Forking the Family Pastor

On Friday Matthew actually felt like being nice and going up to Tehachapi with me, but Mom and Dad were at Bible Study or something, and Mercedes came up and was hanging out with Abby (and as much as I love them both separately I didn't really feel like hanging out with the 2 of them. I'm sure you understand) so we finally took Rachel and Ian up on their offer to hang out anytime. It was fun! We played a LOT of Scattagories (all 16 rounds) and didn't leave until after 1am. Poor Ian and Rachel. Me and Matthew get to sleep in, but yeah.


So we'd been talking all night about "forking" Gabe because I guess he mentioned something about it in church last week, and at midnight we finally got around to it. The boys stayed home (I'm sure their excuse was something like "we have to stay home with the kids," but really it's just cuz they're wimps) and me and Rachel did it. It was awesome. We forked Gabe. He was in the garage the whole time too. At one point someone opened a door and we freaked out and ran down the street, which would have been a wise thing to do, but we ran in the wrong direction, away from the car. Good times!

I look really fat in this picture, but that's ok, I'm posting it anyway.

So yup. There's that. I am very curious to see what Gabe said about it during church today. :)

hmm... let's see... What did I do on Sat? I don't think we ended up doing anything... I think I spent all day watching Surface (some show that only lasted one season, but I liked it, Google it if you want more info about it). The creepy thing is that the star totally looks like Rachel. Lake Bell See! She totally looks like her!! Well, almost. Rachel is prettier. :)

So then today I finished Surface and then like 5 seconds later Mom calls. Yay! I love it when she calls because that always ends with free food. We went barstool shopping, and then ate, and then hung out there for awhile. And then we came home and me and Matthew played Monopoly. He kicked my butt, but only because he made some lame rule about no mortgaging anything, because otherwise I would've bought boardwalk and he wouldn't have been able to get stupid hotels on stupid Park Place that I landed on 3 stupid times.


And then! And then! I ate some leftovers. And I took the cans out to my car. Well, most of them anyway. And then! I cleaned the stove and fed my snake. And then! I typed this. YAY!!!

My life is so exciting.

Although a job would help.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

that's it.

I caved.

I couldn't help it.

I've been trying so hard to resist it for so long, but last night,
I did it.

I finally joined a guild on WoW. It's just, I was talking to this guy cuz we're both the same levels and we were doing the same quests so we grouped together and then he's like "I have to go, I'll see you later though?" and I'm like "sure whatever I don't really care" and then he invited me and he's like "It'll just make it easier to find you again" and I'm like "FINE!" ugh.

hmm... what is the name of my guild? I suppose I should look that up. There's a little over 100 people in it, so, not a huge guild, but still. I did see that there's a good mix of levels, so that's nice.

I mean, it does make sense that I'd join one I guess. I did choose to be a druid because I like that I can heal people, and I can't very well do that if I'm not with people.


At least I'm not sick anymore! Yay! We went grocery shopping last night and I was still too out of it, so I don't know that I actually got any food for me. I know I took one look at chips and kinda felt sick so I didn't get any of those, which was silly because I knew that once I felt better that I would want them.


I think today I'm going to try to get around to taking some newer pictures of me. I don't have any pictures that were taken within the last 2 years or so, with the exception of the one of me in Peru. And while that's a very fun picture and the background is really pretty, it's not exactly the best pic of me.

Really I just want a better profile pic. The one I have now is ok enough, but it's like 4 years old. Well... maybe 3.


And Matthew bought me a card reader so hopefully it wont take FOREVER to download the pics from my camera to my computer. Normally it takes about 3 minutes per picture. That's a very long time, especially considering that I can't do anything else while I'm doing that, and if I have like 50 to dl, ugh. We're talking hours. HOURS!!

Forever, in other words.

But in the meantime, here's another random photo from Susie's computer! Yay!!

Hey look! I found another one of me! And Manuel!

I'm on a tiny little Peruvian horse.

Good times.!