Thursday, August 28, 2008

5k fun run

Hey, anyone wanna do a free 5k fun run/walk (mostly walk I'm thinking) next month?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

coffee, mantella nigrican, and insomnia

Sorry, no pics this time.

So it's been awhile since I posted. Almost a week! Now, I realize that many of you go much longer, but I usually dont. I guess it's just been a little crazy around here, what with weddings and work and Matthew. Last night we went to his dad's house for a goodbye dinner for his sister. She's moving to Phoenix on Sunday. She invited us over to help her move on Sat. Matthew doesn't want to go, but if I get off work in time I'm going to insist on it. I mean, she's his sister! And she's moving to a different state! He should help. And then maybe, hopefully, he'll realize that moving isn't really that bad, and we'll finally move. That'd be good. I seriously hate this place.

I'm selling at least one of my frogs. The nigrican. Which is the rarest of the frogs I have, but I only have the one, and feel like anyone who has them should be breeding them. It feels like I already wrote about this though... I think the last time I did I was just saying that maybe I'm selling it, now I definitely am. I'll set the starting price at $50, but will accept whatever. Hell, there's a few people who I'd give the frog to because I know they would breed it and take excellent care of it and all that. The main problem is that I need to be feeding these guys pinhead crickets, which would either take a few hundred dollars a month, or me culturing them myself. I wouldn't mind culturing them, but setting it up would be kinda expensive (like $50, not bad, but a consideration), and very noisy, which Matthew would never like. Not to mention they smell bad unless you're very good about cleaning it daily, which I don't think I would be.


I'm drinking coffee. It's decaf, which is good cuz that means that I can actually drink it without any negative effects. *ahem* Of course, it doesn't really wake me up either. But I guess that's ok. It still tastes good.

I've had insomnia for a couple weeks now. It's kinda driving me crazy. It's hard to be in a good mood when you haven't had a good night's sleep in forever. The night before last I did manage to get a couple hours in, but that wasn't nearly enough. I keep staying up until I'm exhausted, going to bed, not being able to fall asleep easily, then when I finally do I wake up again, then in the morning I wake up early and am still too tired to get up, but cant' sleep either. It's really very frustrating and all my sleeping pills are expired so I don't really want to take them. Oddly enough they get stronger as they expire, so I have to be super careful with them, otherwise I'll sleep for 12 hours straight, and that really doesn't make me feel any better than not sleeping.


I love my purple coffee mug. My friend Erin gave it to me for my birthday one year. It was kinda a last minute thing, I think she got it at Albertsons, but it's a perfect mug. It's got a good handle, the rim is the right size, it's narrow enough to hold easily with one hand, but wide enough that I can use both hands if I want, perfect! I know Mom understands the importance of a good coffee mug.

I have to work tonight. I've had the last two days off, which was kinda nice, but meh. I do like that I'm making good money. Actually I still just plain like that I'm getting a paycheck.

Anyway. I'm gonna go back to my coffee and tv.

And I need to iron my shirt.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yet more pictures, shopping, and cold, hard cash

Lacey in ... Box Lake I think? I'm pretty sure these are at Box Lake...
Apparently Aiden got hot.

So then Alex had to come over to investigate.
Another pic of Leah, Sam, and Logan at Marsh Lake.

I'm bored. I was going to go up to Tehachapi today, but I guess Carina got another ride? Or something? I'm not terribly sure, I was on my way up when she called, so we didn't talk much. So then I came back and went to Target. I got a cute shirt for tonight, a shirt for Sat (and any other day too, but it looks cute with one of my skirts), another random shirt, and some cute shoes for tonight and Sat. So that's good. :) I'm kinda hungry though, and dinner isn't until 7. I might go in a little early and hang out talking to people for a bit though. I haven't been back there since I quit in Feb.


hmm.... I might need to go to the bank.... I don't know that I have any cash... I think I'll go check that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


is complicated.

That is all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pictures, identity theft, and movie reviews

Ugh, I have a headache. Stupid head.

Here's Dad fishing! Yay for fishing!

Be sure to click on the larger version of these next two pictures. I took them completely zoomed in from where Dad was fishing, but I don't really have the right lens for that, so it's still all far. Anyway, my point is that when you look at the big version you can tell who everyone is.

Ah, Marsh Lake, isn't it lovely? The tricky thing about this pic is that it is not a picture of Sam, Leah, and Aiden. It's Sam, Leah, and Logan. Very sneaky. :)

I think I need to sell some of my frogs. Well, mainly just one of them. It's the most unusual frog that I have, which is kinda cool, but it needs to be bred, and I only have the one and I'm not going to be able to buy any more any time soon, so yeah. I think I'm gonna try to sell it to someone who already has some, and knows how to breed them.

Besides, the tank that that one is in is really ugly, and I'm too lazy to redo it.


I was reading through blogs on here and saw that someone had posted something called "blogging tips for beginners" that said that you should write a short 3 or 4 sentence paragraph telling people about you. It should include stuff like your first and last name, the names of your family members, the city and street that you grew up on, and the name of your elementary school. It stopped just short of telling people to give there credit card and social security numbers. *shakes head*

Yeah that's about it. I'm bored. I've been watching movies on Netflix. They don't have any mainstream movies online, but they have a lot of independent films, so I've been watching those. Pan's Labyrinth was amazing (obviously, I knew it was going to be, but it's not really a light movie, so you have to be in the right mood), Cashback was pretty good, I'm Reed Fish was alrightish, 40 Shades of Blue was boring and depressing, so I didn't finish it, Teeth was weird, but I guess it killed time effectively. Yup. I am such a good movie reviewer. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh man! You all have to go read this comic!!!!

Seriously! It's just crazy! Read it closely!

More Rock Creek Pictures and Life in General

Yup, 4 more pictures.

Dog Dog!!
He was very sad about being tied up all day.

Funny story about this pic of Emma. Just to show off my photography skills, I managed to take a picture of Rachel that was not only generally unflattering, but also managed to make her look fat. How, I don't know, but I did. So I figured I'd be nice and not post it, but Emma was in the pic too, so yeah. Here ya go.

Here's Abby and 3 (yes, that's right, look closely) of my sobrinos (I have decided that writing nieces/nephews it too annoying, so I'm using the Spanish word from here on out. Deal with it.).

She's showing them how to hunt for fishing lures. I offered to give any kid a dollar if they found one, but aside from the one Abby found in these pics, no one did, so I didn't have to pay anyone. Silly kids.

So there's your Rock Creek pictures of the day. I hope you enjoyed them.

I got to talk to Carina for a bit today. That was good. She kept telling me (and everyone) to not worry about her though, which was quite silly. We're going to worry about you, Carina. We love you and are concerned for your health and well being. It's not a bad thing. And it's not something you have a lot of control over either. So deal with it. (hmm, two "deal with it"s in one entry... interesting..)

Work was really slow today, which was good. I kinda had a lot on my mind. Obviously. I picked up an opening shift tomorrow, and then have Mon and Tues off, so that's nice. I was going to go up to Sacramento, but since her dad is coming up I probably wont. I'll see her when she's in town though.

I have a bug bite on the palm of my hand. It's driving me CRAZY!!!! Seriously, I can't believe I went camping and only got three bites, two on my cheek, and one on my hand. How annoying. I do have a rash on my arm and the back of my neck too. The one on my neck is from my backpack? I think? I got the same thing in Peru anyway. I don't know what the arm one is from, but it's pretty itchy (although nowhere near as annoying as my hand).

umm.... I guess that's it for now.

Yup. It is.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sam's First Fish!

So here's some pics of Sam's first fish that he caught (well, some other random guy there got it hooked, but Sam reeled it in, which was very exciting, until Sam actually caught 5 of his own fish, go Sam!). Sorry, I forgot about shade/sun, so they're all dark. Oops. I'm sure I could photoshop them so they're better, but whatever. I am not the photographer of the family.

Let's see, in other news... umm.... Work was kinda crazy last night. A bunch of people all came in at once, so everyone got double or triple sat. The manager picked up a couple tables where needed, so that was nice. The bar got really slammed though, so it was taking 15 mins to get drinks, which is not good. They're supposed to take 2 mins. Oh well though, all my tables seemed to be ok with having to wait for a bit, especially after I dropped some lemonade and bread. I swear, dropping stuff is the best way to get good tips. They feel bad for you, so they leave more, and they don't want you to drop more, so they're more patient about you not overloading yourself with plates, etc. It's nice! All 5 of my tables gave me 20% after that! Woo!

I made pancakes this morning. They were pretty good, although there was too much water in them. I used the last of the mix and had to guess how much water to put in; apparently I was a little off. And Matthew doesn't like cinnamon in them, which is too bad, cuz I love it. I meant to just sprinkle some on mine, but forgot. Oh well, my pancakes are still way better than his. :)

Sasha is very happy to have me home. She's been right next to me ever since I walked through the door. It's cute. :) Right now she's curled up under my chair. Hopefully I don't have to move any time soon....

Yup, I think that's about it. I'm kinda worried about work tonight, since last night was so crazy, cuz I'm in the lounge. That's the 4 high tops, the 4 booths next to the high tops (where Mom sat with her friends the other day), and the entire outside area. Last night the person in the lounge had 12 tables at once. Normally the bartender would pick up a few, but he was too busy. Although, maybe because it's Friday we'll have 2 in the lounge, that'd be good.

Ok bye now!

(oh, I forgot, I added a counter to the bottom of my page, so make sure you visit using lots of different computers and have everyone you know come visit at least once. :) )

Thursday, August 14, 2008

too tired to blog

But I'll try anyway. I don't know why I'm so tired. I went to bed at like 8:30 last night, and slept all through the night (weird for me). I didn't get up until 10. And yet, I'm tired. blah.


My male gecko died while I was gone. :( I don't know why. The female is SUPER fat right now though, cuz Matthew didnt realize that it died so he was still feeding them as if there were 2 in there, so yeah. Chubby chubby girl. My baby is still doing well though.

Camping was a lot of fun, but then again, you all pretty much knew that (even those of you who didn't go, I mean, duh, it's camping, of course it's fun). I drove home with Leah, and that was fun too. We played lots of alphabet and memory games.

Here's some pics. I'm going to try to only post a few a day, that way I don't run out of pics to post again. :)

These are all from the first (full) day we were there, at the lake.

This is Leah fishing. Obviously.

Just another pic of everyone fishing. :) Isn't it so pretty!

Aw, how cute, Alex is trying to fish! With a stick! And nothing else!

Whack that water, Alex! Maybe a fish will appear underneath it, and then you'll have caught yourself a fish! Yay!

So that's it for pics for today. I took most of the pics zoomed out all the way, figuring that that way you can see how pretty it is, and if you want to see close ups, you can click on the pictures to see a larger version. I didn't make them as small as I normally do, so you should be able to see everyone pretty well.

And that's about it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pictures! Baby cats, baby geckos, and baby Aiden!

Oops, forgot about these pics!

Here's Cassie in the ball, back when she was a baby and could still fit in it. Notice the intense jealousy in Sasha's eyes.

Here's my gecko at 3 weeks. I couldn't really get any good pics of him, and then he started to run off my hand, so I put him back. He's still cute though.

Aww, look at how cute and little he is! :)

Yup, I'm gonna go pack now.

"Pack for what?" You ask.


feeding my king snake

So my poor snake. I've been really bad about feeding him. Like, once or twice a month. So today I'm making up for it by feeding more than usual. He's totally begging for his second mouse right now, it's pretty funny. I think I'll take some pics!

This is his Hungry dance. :) He sorta waves back and forth.

*chomp chomp* Mmm... mousy....

Carnival of Terror

grrs! I cannot beat this stupid game so I can get the 20,000np! Part of the problem is that my computer is too slow, so it's kinga laggy, but mostly it's cuz to get the score I need you have to be incredibly lucky. In 3 days only 300 people have gotten it.

Damn you neopets!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My 5 Most Annoying Dreams

So sometimes I go to bed and I have lovely, fun dreams that put me in a great mood when I wake up. And then sometimes I have dreams that are just, quite frankly, annoying. They bug me and I really wish they'd stop. So here they are.

5. To start with, there's the "Everything in my life is going perfectly, until I wake up" dream.
You know, you dream that you won the lottery and the boy of your dreams is madly in love with you (and actually, you know, wants to marry you) and then you wake up and realize that none of that actually happened. It's kinda a bummer.

4. The "I'm really thirsty but no matter how much I drink I'm still thirsty!" dream.
I get this one when I actually am thirsty, so I feel thirsty, but because I'm only dream drinking water, it's not helping. This one drives me crazy. It's actually the one that prompted this entry. I dreamt that I drank gallons and gallons of water, and then iced tea, in an attempt to sate my thirst. It didn't help. Then I woke up, and actually got some water. So that was good.

3. Work.
Seriously, who wants to work a full shift during the day, and then go to bed and work all night, FOR FREE?? Not cool.

2. The "Almost Awake So You Can't Really Move" dream.
This one drives me crazy. I usually get it in the morning, when I'm almost awake, so I can't open my eyes in my dream because that would make me open my eyes in real life, and since I'm asleep I don't really have control over my real body, or I can't move my arm, or run very fast, etc. It's really annoying. I'm sure you all have gotten it at some point or another. This is usually when I try to just wake myself up. Which sometimes leads to the worst one of all!

1. The most annoying dream EVER!! Dreaming that you're waking up, but then not waking up, over and over and over and over and over and over again.
GAH!!!! This one has honestly brought me to tears in pure frustration. I keep dreaming that I woke up. I'll get up, walk to the bathroom or whatever, and then realize I'm still asleep, at which point I'm immediately back in bed, "waking up." Sometimes this will repeat dozens of times. The problem is that I'm too awake to actually fall back into a deeper sleep, but not quite all the way awake. I live in fear of this dream. When I do finally wake up, I have to get up. It doesn't matter if it's 5 am, I'll get up. I'll get on the computer for a bit, or read for a bit, and if it's still early I might try going back to bed, but maybe not. Depends on how many times I "woke up." Usually after I have this dream is when I take my sleeping pills before I go to bed again. Cuz I don't dream at all when I'm drugged.

So, do any of you have annoying dreams?