Thursday, July 31, 2008

WoW, Fruit Flies, Carpet, and Inconsiderate Dryer Stealers.

"Hey Susie, while you're doing laundry tomorrow would you be able to do my whites?"

"Why, sure Matthew! I'd love to! After all, I'll be doing laundry myself, so I might as well help you out too."

*sigh* I'm doing 5 freaking loads of laundry. I'm pretty sure Matthew has more underwear than I do.

eh, oh well.

The trick in this complex is that you have to do laundry in the morning, otherwise it's a fight for the dryers, which there never seem to be enough of, despite the fact that there are 3 more dryers than washers, and there's always enough washers. I think it's cuz people put 2 loads in the washer, and then put them both together in the dryer, so they don't get dry, so then they seperate them and dry them again. Matthew's too "nice" to take people's clothes out of the dryer and put them on the dirty counters that are in there, but I'm not. I wont take them out if they're still wet, but if they're dry, and especially if they've cooled off, and I need the dryer, sorry random person who couldn't be bothered to get your ass down to the laundry room to get your clothes, other people actually do need to use "your" machine.

I tend to get all riled up about it, so I just do it in the morning, when there's not as many people down there.


Umm.... yes. Matthew finally put the carpet back down in our room cuz it hasn't flooded for several months.

Which means that it's going to flood tomorrow.

I don't work until 6:30 tonight, and then I close. It's kinda weird. I mean, the rush usually starts at like 6, and then is over by 7. So when I get there at 6:30, half of my tables will have been picked up by someone else, and then I'll get triple sat, and then I'll be bored until they phase everyone, and then hopefully I'll get more than a couple tables at once.

I'm shooting for $75 tonight. That sounds reasonable, right? I'll work for about 5 hours.


I know I've been bad about pictures lately. The problem is that I've pretty much posted all the pics that I'd want to that were already on my computer, so if I post any more than I need to actually take them, and I"m kinda lazy about that. Shocking I know.

I really should take more pics of my baby though, he's getting a lot bigger. He's probably an inch long now. Which he should, at the rate he's eating fruit flies. I even moved up to the bigger flies (I have 2 species, one smaller and more prolific (melanogaster), and one bigger and slower (hydei)).

Matthew ran me through the Stockades yesterday. Which was nice, I really did need to do those quests, and I got a lot of XP, but I hardly got any gear. The only thing I got that I actually use is a belt, and all the green items that I got (not a single blue) were only worth a couple gold. The other one we did was way better. I'm still using my gear from then, even though that was like 10 levels ago. My weapons give me at least 3 dps more than any other weapons I've gotten since then.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bored Rambling.

Some woman started choking at work today.

We comped her food.

It was very exciting. She was very embarrassed.

Matthew's annoyed at me cuz I was watching Teen Girl Squad (seriously, it's awesome, google it or something) and now he has a headache.

Whatever, when I have headaches I still manage to function, but he's a baby so now he refuses to do anything. Even though we need cat food.

I guess the poor kitties will just have to starve.

Because Matthew has a headache.

I'm only working 4 days this week, which is annoying. Although they did call me in to work a double shift yesterday, so that was good. Apparently, if the manager calls you in to work a double, you get free food, on BOTH your shifts! Yay!! I got the Grilled Veggie Salad and the new Aspragus Spinach pasta dealie. :)

Bentley is staring at me. He has been for the past 30 mins. It's cuz I picked up his favotire toy (the laser pointer) and was playing with Sasha. I wasn't playing with him, but he heard me push the button and came running. And then I got bored and stopped playing with them, but he's still hopeful.

He LOVES that thing.

I am so freaking bored right now. ugh.

I already fed all my animals and misted them down and all that. I suppose I could make some more fruit fly cultures. I really do need to do that.

Although I'm trying to feed my frogs mostly crickets. But still, it's good to have them around, for when the crickets run out.

Oh wait, Matthew got up.... Could this mean that we're actually going to go to Target? Will our cats actually get some food? Only time will tell I guess.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lameness, Camping, and Baby Geckos

I have today and tomorrow off. It's kinda nice, but I don't know what to do. Matthew wont go anywhere with me (lame) and Mom and Dad and Abby are all busy. meh. The thing is though, if I'm not going to be going anywhere and doing anything fun, I'd kinda rather be at work where I'll make like $100 cuz it's Friday and Saturday.

Oh well.

Hopefully they'll call me to come in.

So last night I was supposed to go to an orientation thingie at SJVC, but I forgot. If they call I'm going to tell them that I had to work. I know, I know, lying is bad, but sometimes they kinda annoy me there. There's a little over enthusiastic. They made me ring a bell! sheesh.

So my gecko's doing well!! I even saw poop in his tank yesterday, yay!!! That's a very good thing, cuz it means that he's eating and all that.

No pictures though, sorry. I know, I'm lame.

Like Matthew! Only in different ways. :)



Although I guess we might not be going to Florence Lake? Cuz Mom and Dad and Muna and Ray and Marc and Sonrisa might not make it? Now that's just the epitomy of lameness. Come on people!! It's camping!! And I haven't been camping with any of you in forever!! Like, not since the last time we were at Florence Lake!! So get it together and come! I don't care if you're tired cuz you just got back from Iceland/England/Spain/Whatever!




Monday, July 21, 2008

More Baby Gecko Pictures

Yup, just what the title says, here's a couple more gecko pics.

Here's the dad and the baby. I wasn't sure if the dad would like, try to eat him or something, so I only snapped one quick pic, which is why it's out of focus. Sorry. Deal with it. The color is kinda off too.

Here's the baby by itself. The color in this pic is way more accurate.

This is a close up of the above picture. Isn't it cute!!! Look at that adorable face! aaawwwwww!!!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

geckos, breaks, and losing weight

Last night as I was cashing out my manager said that he'd heard a rumor about me. I was a little worried. What could people be saying about me? Am I about to get fired? He said that he'd heard that I don't like to work days. *whew* I said that no, it's not that I don't like days, it's just that I prefer nights. More money, more hours (which means more money), sounds good to me! So he said ok, that's fine, cuz he just wanted to make sure that I like my schedule. Apparently the managers were all talking about the new people and they said that they're really impressed with me. What??? Seriously?? He could tell that I was very surprised to hear that and asked me why. So I told him that I was having a little trouble adjusting to having so many tables at once and kinda felt like I was going crazy whenever I have 5 or more tables, or if I mess up. So he told me that if I ever feel like that again then I need to tell him because it means that he's not doing enough for me.

So I guess that's nice? The managers like me and want to help, which is good. I laughed and said that I just wasn't used to people being nice to each other at work. I hadn't realized until I started working there, but people at OG were very mean to each other, and completely unwilling to help anyone else out.


Yesterday was Matthew's mom's birthday, so we had a little party at Jennifer's house. I had to leave early cuz of work (it's still so nice to say that, I have to work.. ah.... :)) so that kinda worked well. It was a typical Matthew's family get together. A couple of her friends came over too. One of them recognized me as having served her at OG, and the other was at CPK when I was doing training and recognized me as the girl watching the cooks. Which is kinda funny.

Oh! Last night! I introduced myself to a table and the woman there was like "Oh hey, you (her son) were going to be named Susannah if you were a girl! Yup, you were going to be Susannah Joy." I was like "Oh my God, I'm Susannah Joy!" She didn't believe me! She thought that I was lying! I'm like, No! Really!!!

It was awesome.

So I've been trying a couple new things with my legs. I got some Nair and used that one my left leg, and then waxed my right leg. The wax didn't work too well. I mean, it did, but only kinda. It pulled out the bigger hairs, but left all the finer ones there. And the little kit that I got came with 8 wax strips, which really wasn't enough. I used each strip 3 times and still had to use 4 of them just for one half of one leg. The Nair worked pretty well though. It still itched, although not as badly as shaving, and it was way easier than shaving. I think I might keep using it.


I'm kinda sad that Mom and Dad are coming home soon. I like using their car. And I will have you all know that I've been taking very good care of it, and very good care of their mugs (which they specifically asked me not to break, as if I've ever borrowed their car and broken anything). They'll even get it back with more gas in it than when they gave it to me!

So I've lost 6 pounds! Yay!! Only 20 more to go... ugh. :)

Ummm... yes. My gecko is doing well. He's not really eating much yet, but that's normal. They don't tend to eat heavily until a week or so after they've hatched. I think I'll take some more pics tonight or tomorrow.

I need to go by Chris and Lacey's again tonight too. I went on Friday, but I didn't have much time so I didn't water as much as I normally do. Tonight I'll be able to water more. I have an early dinner shift tonight, so I'll get out earlier, which will be nice. I keep working late shifts; which ends up being like 7 and a half hours, with no breaks at all. I'm not quite sure how that's legal, especially cuz we sign a paper every day that says that we took 2 tens, but whatever. I don't get 10s or 30s. I thought you had to have a 30 if you work more than 6 hours?

Whatever. I don't mind particularly. I mean, I like 30's cuz then I get to eat, but 10s are just obnoxious. They totally interrupt everything you're doing. Sometimes it can take an hour to get back into the swing of things. (And hour is about how long it takes for all your tables to turn)

Ok, well, I'm gonna go play some more neopets. It's the finals in the Altador Cup and we're playing Roo Island, who we've never managed to beat at YYB, so I gotta play a lot. If we don't win this game we can't win the cup, and that's just not acceptable.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Viper Gecko Pictures

Yay for baby viper geckos! Please excuse the crappy pics, I didn't want to bug the poor guy too much. Unfortunately you can't really see the skin too well. It's very different from the adult's skin. Much finer scales, almost shiny. :)

This is next to a quarter for some size reference. Sorry it's so shiny.

And my luecs, just for the hell of it. For some reason they like to climb up the walls of their new tank.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So scared, So Sad, So Happy!!

So a couple days ago I got attacked by a giant killer spider. It was horrible. IT WAS ON MY SHOULDER RIGHT NEXT TO MY FACE!!!!!!!!! Horrible. Apparently I am just as afraid of spiders as I used to be. I screamed (made Matthew and all the kitties jump), and jumped back about 5 feet, all while wiggling my arm and shoulder to get the evil beast off of me. Then Matthew came to my rescue and killed it, and then got the vacuum and sucked up all the spiders in the frog room.

Matthew is my hero.

So one of my female geckos has been sick. The one who got out. Yeah, she died today. :( I set up a temporary tank for her, and got some special food, but it was too little, too late I guess.


But then!!! As I was mourning her loss! I looked over and saw that the sand in the little mini incubator I set up in my regular gecko tank was all messed up!!! And then I saw the egg shell!!! And then the brand new baby gecko!!! EEEEEE!!!!!! Finally, I have what looks like a healthy baby animal!! So I cleaned out the dead gecko's tank and moved the new baby one in there. And then tossed in a couple fruit flies. Yay!!! So we'll see. I've heard that the babies can be kinda tricky to care for, so I'm gonna go do a bunch of research. I didn't take any pics cuz I didn't want to stress it out too bad. I'll try to get some in a couple days. It's about as big as a fingernail. Tiny little thing. :)

Oh, see, you have to keep in mind too, that these geckos have been laying eggs ever since I got them, I've counted over 20 eggs, but this is the first one to hatch (and not get eaten), so that's part of why I'm so excited. I didn't think any would hatch unless I set up an actual incubator.


Maybe this one is the dead gecko's baby? I think I'll say it is. It's just nicer that way. I mean, yeah, kinda morbid, the baby was born on the day that the mom died, but still. At least this way she gets to live on!

Until the baby dies. Which I hope doesn't happen.

Anyway, I'm leaving now.


Yay for me!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Worst thing EVER



Ok, so my gecko is not doing too well. The one who got out a long time ago. Yeah, she's like, scary super skinny and barely moving and really just not doing well. I think she was weak when we found her and just never got her strength back so now she's getting worse. So I put her in her own temp. tank and I have to feed her crickets that have been "disabled." Basically, I have to cut their legs off. Oh my God, I can't do that. It took me 15 mins to cut off one leg and now I feel sick.

It was easier to euthanize my froglets that I care so much about!!!!!



Matthew thinks I'm crazy.

He also just asked me who Ering is. I had no idea what he was talking about. He's like "well, you guys are together, I think I should know who he is." "What are you talking about?" "Look! Right there is says Me and Ering!"



So! Lacey! I know you hate crickets, wanna come over and cut their legs off for me? I'll pay you! Cuz I totally have money now!


Abby and I went to Flame and Skewers today. It was yummy. And very nice in there. Pretty floor, lots of tables, nice.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


camping camping camping camping camping camping camping camping camping camping campingcampingcampingcampingcampingcampingcampingcampingcampingcampingcampingcampingcamping!!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Day!

Good morning everyone!

I had my first shift at CPK last night (finally). There were a lot of servers there, so instead of sharing a 6 table section with another server, I was sharing a 4 table section. So it was a pretty easy night. I only had 2 tables for a very brief moments, most of the time I only had one table at a time. Which meant that I didn't really make any money; I left having served only 5 tables in 5 hours. But that's ok. I learned a lot, so that's the important thing. And I had one table that I really liked, so I told them that they have to come back and request me. :) Because I was so slow I was giving very good service, so the lowest tip I got was 18%. All in all, I had $230 in sales, and %52 in tips (pre tip out). Not bad.

Umm.... yeah, that's pretty much it. I work again today, and tomorrow night, and then I have Monday and Tuesday off and work the rest of next week. And I got a paycheck today, which is good.

Hi Sasha. She just jumped on my desk.

Ok, now she's on my moniter, that's better. It's kinda hard to type with a kitty laying down on your wrists.

I'm mad, for some reason I've been coughing this morning. I thought I was all better!! I hardly coughed at all yeseterday!! grrrs!!!!

Anywho. I'm gonna go take a shower. You all have a very nice day. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ok, last post, I promise

Woohoo! Matthew and I were driving through the parking lot to leave Target when I saw a $20 bill lying there! Yay! So I stopped and grabbed it. There was no one around, otherwise I would've asked if it was theirs (you all know that I'm an honest person). So, yay! $20! And I transferred my balance from my old credit card that had a 14% APR to my new one which has 0% until next March, or indefinitely as long as I charge at least $50 a month, and even if I don't, it's still only a 11% APR. So I'm hoping that'll help me save some money. Matthew's still pissed cuz my card has a lower APR, a limit on the balance transfer fee (it'll be $100), a higher balance (mine has 5,000, his has 2,000), and I get more cash back rewards. :)

Go Krawk Island! Down with Roo Island!

Yay, I have a new Altador Cup Record thingiemabob up! So now you all know just how much I don't have a life. In my defense though, I'd like to point out that each game of Yooyu Ball only lasts 3 mins. Yes, that is still a few hours of playing, but still. I play way more WoW. And what else am I supposed to do? I have very little that keeps my occupied in my day to day life. Today I played a bunch of YYB, took some assessment tests at SJVC, replastic wrapped one of my tanks (I put it over the top to keep the moisture in, during the dry season I take it off again, but I'm hoping to get some more eggs soon, which means that I need to raise the humidity), did the dishes, made some food, watched a couple old episodes of CSI, fed all my animals (except the cats, they have food from last night but they always try to beg for fresh food, which of course, becomes not fresh 10 mins later, so we ignore them unless their bowls are empty), showered, and set up my new water sprayer dealie. All of that only took a few hours. Oh, and I went to the bank. Mostly though, I've been sitting around on my ass bored out of my skull. Abby has been helping me, we've been neomailing each other (which I always like) (oh my goodness! I just realized! She commented on my blog, which means that she is actually reading this! Go Abby! Took you long enough!). Yup. Matthew and I need to go to Target (to get water, trash bags, and (as always) I need more lights for my tanks), but he says he's too tired. Dammit, I'm not tired! I was bad today. Well, ok, not "bad" persay, because I've been so good lately that I think I deserve a reward, right? Anyway. I went to Starbucks after I went to the bank and got a coffee. It was awesomely goodness. I only drank half of it right away, then put the rest in the fridge, then had an iced latte with lunch. Go me. This whole blog entry would totally fail all the rules that I was tested on at SJVC today. They kept asking me questions like "What is the complete verb in this sentence?" and "What rules did they follow to change the following sentence?" (that would have answers like "Switched the implied subject and the direct subject" or whatever) and the thing is, I never learned those rules. I mean, I know how to write (even if I occasionally choose to ignore those rules (or use too many paranethesis)), but I don't know what all the individual parts of the subject are called. Seriously, the only times I'd ever even heard of half the things they mentioned on the test was in tv shows. So according to the test I can't write at all and I have no idea how to arrange a paragraph. Which is not true. I would've done much better if they'd made me write an essay. Matthew is whining now though, so I've got to go. Bye!


Ok, so yeah. There's someone from Virginia who came here who searched for "my sports bra smells bad how do I get rid of the smell"


I'd suggest a washing machine, and then dry it with a couple sheets of Bounce.

Mossy Frogs

Ok, I know the last thing I need is more frogs, and as much as I'd like to, I'm not actually going to go out and buy some of these (I have no experience with tree frogs or aquatic frogs, so these guys really aren't the best choice for me), but I had to post this link.

Everyone needs to click on that. Seriously. I know a lot of you don't think that frogs are interesting and are probably thinking "Eh, it's just Susie with her frogs, I probably don't need to click there," but you should. Because these guys look completely different than anything you've ever seen. The first time I saw one I thought it was fake.

Anyway. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hi. I am Susannah. This is me. Looking kinda silly, I know, but seriously, how awesome does my hair look? Awesome, right? And I look skinny! With big boobs! Yay!! If only my eyes were open. Oh well.

I sorta forgot that I had an appointment at SJVC to take my assesment tests, but luckily, they called me at 8 to tell me that their computers are down and can we reschedule for tomorrow? Fabulous.

I keep waking up every morning craving coffee like you wouldn't believe. I think I only want it so much because I know that I don't have any money to be spending on $5 lattes. Good as they may be. It makes me sad.

I need to go to CPK today because they lost their copies of my ID's. *rolls eyes* It's ok though, cuz I also need to get time off. Which I feel bad about. I mean, I haven't even started working yet and I already want time off? But.... CAMPING IN A MONTH!!!!! AND I WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!


But really, CAMPING IN A MONTH!!!!!

So excited!!!

Matthew ran me through the Deadmines twice yesterday. It was good. I replaced all my gear, including both my weapons. I'm quite pleased.

Although... at the moment I'm also quite hungry. And that always takes precedents. So I'm gonna go eat. Yay for food!!

Changing the brakes on my old Camry

So! As promised! Here's a few pictures of me changing the brakes! Yay!!!

Here I am loosening the bolts on the back of the brakes. Apparently my car has weirdly designed brakes, so you had to take the whole thing off instead of flipping it up. Or whatever.

Yay a cloesup! And look at how shiny my hair is!! (I know, I know, you're all tired of hearing about my shiny hair, but when you've spent 25 years wishing you had shiny hair and then all of a sudden you do, it's nice! I've been joking to Matthew that it's from all the hormones from being pregnant. He doesn't think it's funny.)

Putting the wheel back on is surprisingly harder than it seems.

Tightening the bolts, so much fun.

I am an expert and raising and lowering the car.

Matthew insisted on taking a picture of my dirty hands.

The old brakes.

Yay!! All done!! And getting kinda annoyed at the photographer. So I flipped him off (just a joke, you know?). But he didn't notice until he put the camera down. So then he made me do it again, so he could get a picture. That time I meant it.

:) So that is the odyssey of my changing my car's brakes. woohoo!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rogues do it from behind


I'm bored. The internet wasn't working this morning, and I knew that all I had to do was unplug and then replug something.... but I didn't know what. Matthew has a LOT of wires around his computer. It's crazy. So I had to wait until he went on break so he could call me and tell me which one. Which he did. And now it works. Obviously.

Yesterday Matthew and I went to dinner at Jennifer's house. That was fun. I'm starting to look forward to our dinners over there. And of course, they're moving. To Phoenix. Matthew's sad. Apparently their church is doing some big fast thingie for two weeks and his mom was trying to figure out what she could fast on, while still being able to celebrate her birthday (which is on Sat, 1 day before the fast is supposed to end). She decided that what she'll do is fast sugar or something like that, and then just postpone her birthday celebration. It seemed kinda silly to me. Isn't the point of fasting that it's a sacrifice? And if you just rearrange your schedule so that you're not sacrificing anything is there any point at all to fasting?

Whatever. I already knew that I disagree with his mom about pretty much everything relating to religion/spirituality. And that nothing that I say or do will ever change her mind about anythign, so there's not point in even arguing.

Hey! It says that anythign is spelled wrong! Last time it didn't!



So Matthew and I went up to Tehachapi for the Fourth. Minor drama as we were leaving aside, it was fun. The kids were way more into the glowsticks than the fireworks, and we couldn't figure out what station to set the radio to, but it was still fun. Ian made yummy chicken and we played lots of Apples to Apples and sat on the porch enjoying the very nice evening. Of course, the combination of talking and laughing and smoke and alcohol meant that I was coughing so badly I couldn't breathe half the time, which sucked. I'm getting better though. I've coughed maybe twice today.


I really need to load all those pictures that Matthew has taken of me. There's like 100 pictures on my camera and I know you all want to see them, well, at least, you want to see more than just words here, but eh. I think I'm just gonna go play some WoW.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Ok, so maybe I'm not dying

I seem to be a little better today. I've been coughing a lot, but today hasn't been quite so bad. And today when I've coughed I haven't had to run to the bathroom to spit out the crap that came up. ick. Anyway.

So I know some of you (Muna, Mom) have been wondering about the test. I guess I just assumed that you would all assume that I passed. I did have to take a couple parts over again (one pizza, the names of the wines we tried the last time, and the part where it said things like "Pepperoni" or "Thai" and we had to know what the customer could've meant), but that only took like 10 mins and I'm officially done with training. I have my first scheduled shift next Friday, but he said he'd put me at the top of the list of people to call in case someone wants the shift off. So we'll see.

Matthew gets off work early today and we're gonna go up to Tehachapi. Mostly it's just to get away from this complex. This is not the place you want to be today. Unless you're feeling homicidal and looking for a new victim.

Umm... yup.


Matthew and I put new brakes in our cars yesterday. Despite the fact that we were both told that we need new brakes some time ago, both were ok. I mean, they did need to be changed, but mine were called a "road hazard" even though they were only halfway worn down, and I was told that a few months ago, and Matthew was told that his were credit card thin, over 6 months ago, and now one was close to be credit card thin, but the others were all still ok. So, note to self- don't believe people when they insist that you need new brakes. But! The reason why this is so exciting! I did my car myself! mostly. He did most of one of the brakes because they're designed a little differently that what he's used to, but once he figured it out I did the rest, and I did the right tire all by myself. Yay! Matthew, who is on some kind of photography spree, insisted on taking almost 100 pictures of me doing the brakes. It was kinda annoying. And distracting. But whatever.

Ugh, the stupid laundry room doesn't open until 9. At least, I'm hoping it opens at 9. It's not open now anyway, and I can't believe that it'd be closed until 10.... meh. It's too hot in Bakersfield to be out and about during the day, I'd like to get it done as early as possible.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i'm dying!!!

yeah, so my cough is really bad right now. It's annoying. I'm sure my neighbors hate me, I was up all night last night coughing. ugh.


I went to petsmart today to pick up some stuff (vitamins and calcium were the most important, but I also got some turtle food, newt food, and crickets). Then I went to get some coffee, but I didnt have any cash, and apparently this morning the guys credit card machine broke down and the people before me used the last manual slip. oh well. I shouldn't be spending a bunch fo money on coffee anyway.

Right now I'm making some food and trying to figure out where I left off in Dexter. hmm... tricksy....