Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toddlers are terrifying, but way more fun

It's finally happening.  The cats are terrified (as they well should be), I'm steeling myself for the inevitable with a beer, and I'm trying not to use google for too much advice because that's a scary rabbit hole that I'd really like to avoid.

Maxwell is turning into a toddler.

Gone are the days when I could get him to curl up with me when he's upset.  He no longer loves staring at the fan for hours at a time.  He remembers that things like power cords and cell phones and dirty metal forks that he grabbed from the dishwasher during the .3 seconds that my back was turned still exist after I take them away, and he lest me know just how unhappy that makes him.  Luckily, he doesn't have the endurance he will have later, so for now he only screams for 30 seconds or so before forgiving me.

Now that he has discovered that he can move around, he's discovered how frustrating it is when he CANT get somewhere.  And, oh, the tears.  The giant crocodile tears that erupt when we are preventing him from going where he wants.  Sad, sad baby.

Until 30 seconds later when he's happy again.  Toddlers are pretty bipolar.

The thing is, I actually really prefer this.  He is sooo much more fun now!  We can play games now, instead of just me playing a game in front of him.  He's an active participant now.  I can see him learning things, and see how happy that makes him.  And I trust that now it actually is happiness, instead of just not-hungriness.

And now that he's not nursing every 2 hours, I can enjoy a beer whenever I want. And since I went a couple years without much drinking, just one beer is enough to get me feeling a little happy.

It's awesome.

And I swear I'll write more later, I just didn't really feel like writing right now, but also felt like I sorta should.  Every little bit helps, right? 

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Orange said...

I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but as your mother I NEVER gets easier to be a parent. But it is always fun! Don't worry about making mistakes or doing something wrong and just enjoy!