Monday, June 9, 2014

Uncle Mike

I don't mean to be rude or offensive, but the fact is, Uncle Mike was always one of my favorites.  Often, my absolute favorite family member.  It's not that I dislike any of you guys, it's just that I felt like we always had a special connection.  I always felt understood by him.  And he always gave great advice.  Like when I was a teenager living in Tehachapi and complaining that it was just so boring all the time!  He let me whine for a few minutes before interrupting my nonsense to tell me that anywhere can be boring.  I could be in the most fantastic place in the universe, but if all I do is whine about it, I'm going to be bored.  What I needed to do was figure out what I'm passionate about, and then figure out how to live passionately wherever I am.  It was very Uncle Mike advice.  And also very true.  Granted, living with passion every day isn't always feasible or practical, or even (by most) advisable, but it sure made teenage me rethink what exactly it was that I was complaining about.  Shortly after that I started getting interested in owning reptiles and amphibians, and that's a passion that I still hold today, although obviously, I can't actually own any here.

He didn't just teach me how to live life though, he also taught me how to play Gin Rummy.  Or is it just Gin?  I honestly have no idea, he taught me at least a dozen times, each with different rules, and unsurprisingly, beat me every time.  This is something I fully plan on doing with Maxwell, as well as my nieces and nephews.  He totally cheated at Capture the Flag too, just ask Grace after we played a very memorable game at Muna's house in Stallion Springs.  Even that was valuable though.  I learned that sometimes it's ok to bend the rules, as long as everyone is ok with it, and we're all having fun, it doesn't matter if it's not quite by the book.  I loved every card game I played with him.  And I loved playing Capture the Flag.  I wish I could play again.

He was someone who always made time for me.  Always made me feel important.  Feel heard.  I'll miss you, Uncle Mike!  I hope you're having fun on this next great adventure!

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Orange said...

Nice job, Susie, thank you! I will miss him too.